…Perhaps Not Enough, Yet

I've always had a fondness for seeing that "first dollar" framed and posted on the wall behind the cash register in some mom & pop establishment. It symbolizes a lot for me, all good. So, let me get right to framing and hanging my "first dollar" right here in my new Blog. I was quite pleasantly surprised to notice yesterday that Billy Beck became the first in the Blogosphere to link to one of my…Read More

Are You Ready for the Second Coming?

Ted Jesus Christ GOD has arrived on planet Earth! After 10 years of tooling around on the web, I've seen my share of crazy stuff. But I believe this one is simply unequalled in terms of possessing every possible element qualifying it as the most complete and utterly whacked thing I've ever seen. If you have some time to burn, you'll get no end of entertainment reading some of the stuff here. It will make…Read More

How about you? Want to Live Forever?

It might take a bit of concentration to get through this, but it's a short read that's worth it. The societal implications alone are mind boggling. At the outset, I told you that this would not be your normal blog. My interests are across the spectrum, and there's no way that I can confine myself to something as mundane as the daily political scene. To be sure, there are lots of things to highlight in…Read More

Racist Cookies

Quite a few are being amused by the Affirmative Action Bake Sales springing up on college campuses. Even more amusing are the antics being engaged in to shut them down. P.S. And now go check out this update, where a Seattle Times journalist tears an affirmative-action affirmer limb-from-limb (rhetorically speaking, of course....)Read More

Protest Warriors

These guys got their start a few months back during the anti-war protests in San Francisco. They have since gone national, and their latest muckraking was in at the recent commie lunacy known as "International A.N.S.W.E.R." (yea, right) and their anti-business, anti-civilization, anti-prosperity, anti-reason rally in DC. A spirited and amusing collection of signs, banners, bumper stickers, and t-shirts. The funniest part is that the "protesters" usually take a while to "get it" once they…Read More

A Beginning

Well, It's a start. For several years I have wanted to create a website to serve as the primary outlet for my ideas and commentary. So this is it, a weblog. Will anything really become of it? Don't know. I'm not setting any goals or making any promises. I'd like to think I will spend some constructive time at this, but I guess we'll see. I may also archive some of the other stuff I've…Read More