A Photo I Wish I’d Taken

This was taken from a German-made rigid-wing hang glider called the ATOS (one of which sits in my garage at home) and is looking out toward the Dolomites in Italy. Spectacular. Notice the carbon-fiber D-cells making up the leading edge, as well as the ribs. This wing has a 42-ft. wingspan, yet weighs only about 83 lbs and can be transported on top of your EVIL SUV (The one shown here is a flex wing.…Read More

Science 1; Luddites 0

WorldNetDaily: Stem-cell cloning bill to become law Sunday? Potentially good news for the marginalized few of us who hold science, knowledge, progress, and the mind and inherent goodness of man far above the frightful ignorance, superstition, and hand-wringing that takes place in this "Demon Haunted World" in which we live.Read More

…Actually Thinking? …Priceless

Thinking is a rare privilege, is it not? It’s difficult for me to come to any other conclusion as I observe what goes on in public here and abroad. I mean, it’s just so damned rare to catch a glimpse of what would pass for sincere, independent and rational thought that this faculty must be at least equivalent to the most priceless of treasures we can imagine. Indeed. How else can it be that so…Read More


I'd call my silence over the last, oh, 2 weeks a pretty good indication that I'm not going to be doing much posting or blogging just for the thrill of it. We'll see.Read More