Alternately titled: Who the Hell Are These People? I was interrupted from my evening review of favorite blogs to refresh my cocktail. In the briefest of passing, I noticed John Kerry on Fox News giving what I assume must have been a victory speech -- but that's not what I find disgusting. What I find disgusting is the throngs who are gathered round him, looking up to him with the sort of adoring look that…Read More

Here, Let Me Just Ruin Your Whole Goddamned Day

Furious and outraged doesn't come close to describing my personal feelings over the story of Hale DeMar. In a letter to the Chicago Sun Times entitled Village Trustees ... Stick to Parade Schedules & Planting our Parks, Mr. DeMar describes his experience of being prosecuted for violating handgun laws after shooting a burglar who broke into his house for the second consecutive night, and, after having already been arrested thirty times in the past by…Read More

Mostly Just Stupidity

If you can stand to read this Blog regularly, then you probably already saw John Stossel's 20/20 special last night. Lies, Myths, and Downright Stupidity. In what we have come to expect from Stossel, an excellent job. Here are some highlights: - Running contrary to the common hobgoblin who's stealing all of our time and running us ragged, we actually have more free time now than ever, work less, and spend more time with the…Read More

H.L. Mencken

One of the very few Blogs I read in its entirety is Improved Clinch. John does me a great service by locating and posting lots of interesting tidbits from lots of other Blogs, and I thank him, here, in plain view, for that. He's recently discovered or re-discovered H.L. Mencken, one of the most quotables of all time. John has been posting daily notables that I've not read in many years. So, I had to…Read More

Flipping Hitler the Bird

I find it somewhat amazing that in my 40-something years of existence, I have yet to hear the story of Charlie, much less that he is still alive and chipper than ever. So, go read the story of Churchill's 104-year-old Parrott and crack a smile. (Link via Two--Four and Improved Clinch)Read More

Looking Glass to the Past

I agonized (as I always do) about how to tile this post. I always like to come up with something that I, at least, consider to be a bit clever. Sometimes, I really please myself. But this time, I just can't come up with something that quite crystallizes my whole view regarding this total piece of crap. Though not mentioned in the article, I leaned via a radio news report that the alleged father is…Read More

Poetic Consequences

Alternately tiled: "The Law of Unitended Justice." So, how many times do you have to get rolled to understand the underlying motives of those who seek to control the rights of property owners under the guise of environmental protection? Don't get me wrong. I'm neither in favor or oppsed to "wind farms." Hey, if that's what you want to do with your acreage, go for it. And, being a hang-glider pilot who has on rare…Read More

Supreme Allegiance

So, the Supremes will hear the Pledge of Allegiance case on March 24. Time to roll out what I posted back then, when the shit hit the fan. I Pledge Allegiance to Reason In a callback to the prayer-in-school debates of years past, political opponents have swiftly framed their positions on the recent pledge-of-allegiance decision by the 9th circuit court. And just as predictably, the news media is dowsing the whole affair with as much…Read More

The Market vs. God

Is the market (in the broad sense of the term) influencing us for the worse? Making us dishonest? Making us materialistic? Making us fat and lazy? Making us shallow? And all in the process, is it displacing God? Bad Market Among the most common arguments in criticism of the market with intent to give us pause is the one that points out all the so-called business or corporate “scandals.” This argument is typically given in…Read More

It’s the Culture, Stupid!

Billy Beck's post about the true justification for Iraq gets it just right. It made me recall what I posted to several forums on the morning of September 11, 2001 in response to the immediate and prevalent drivel about "bringing those responsible to justice." And so I'll play it once again, below: > Please help our Leaders find the ones responsible for this attack. Of course, this is not the time for heated debate, but…Read More

A Better Tool for the Job

Someone recently wrote to me: It seems that you have tried to elevate business to a religion to fill the hole left when you dumped Christianity. And then: Perhaps your hatred of religion... At any rate, business and the market are not my "religion" and I don't "hate" religion. The whole thing--all things really--come down to what values individuals adopt and hold. I use the term "value" broadly. That is, anything that a person seeks…Read More