The Darker Side of Humanity

Go read this story that illustrates the depths of savagery and depravity to which human beings can sink (and, ironically enough, it seems, most often in the name of some religion or other). As the son of a post-WWII German immigrant, I've always been sensitive to the tendency to condemn whole national populations on the basis of the evil perpetrated by its worst members. The simple self-evident fact is that most people are good people…Read More

Greed: The “Income Gap” Deconstructed

Everyone knows that the 80s was the “Decade of Greed,” right? Well, of course it was. That’s what it’s called, and as everyone knows, if something is asserted long enough and affirmatively enough, that makes it just so. Or does it? It serves one well, from time-to-time, to revisit old articles and essays written by oneself and others to ascertain their accuracy and relevance years later. Recently, I was involved in a private email dialog…Read More

The Passion Revisited

Since seeing the film and discussing it with others, Christians (both Catholic and Protestant) in particular, I've been a bit surprised at how many people believe that the events actually happened as depicted. That is, they believe that the depiction is Biblically accurate. It is not. In fact, it's way, way off in many respects. However, according to those who have read her works, the film does indeed accurately reflect the "revelations" of a 19th…Read More

Why Am I Not Surprised?

For the next installment on the Envy Parade surrounding Martha Stewart's conviction, notice the last paragraph of this NewsMax article: Stewart had a reputation before the trial as a ruthless businesswoman, and in court she was portrayed as rude, insulting, demanding and cheap. According to testimony, she once threatened to take her business elsewhere because she did not like her brokerage's telephone hold music. [Emphasis mine.] Let me get this straight. That she may be…Read More

The Envy Parade

Imagine that you've done nothing particularly remarkable in your life; that you've never shocked anyone at all with your depth of insight; that you've never drawn a payroll check from your own bank account and handed it to someone else who has you to thank for their livelihood; that nary a single soul in the world can point to a single thing in their vast landscape of life experience that changed their life for the…Read More

Adding Context

I left out some important context in my last post and so have added the following to the third paragraph: Now, for those unfamiliar with the background, both Swann and Beck are market anarchists, as is at least one of the economists (Friedman) writing in the article cited. The other economists, at minimum, advocate a tiny State. The implicit complaint being lodged by Swann and Beck (in my own view) is that these economists justify…Read More

A Unified Theory of Anarchy

Only a few days ago, when I signed up for inclusion on No Treason’s Metablog, I confessed to John T. Kennedy who runs the show over there: I'm a market anarchist, but my views and interests are varied. Worse, I wobble back-&-forth between a utilitarian (Friedman) and moral (Randian) basis for anarchy. Oh well. Then this from Greg Swann, and Billy Beck’s amen. These are two guys I’ve been reading for years, and my particular…Read More


As an atheist, I often find it odd that two of my favorite "affirmations" are "God-dammit" and "Gee-Zus-Christ." I guess it's a sign of how deeply rooted and connected are some of our mythology. I had intended a post on something entirely different, but that will have to wait. I made the mistake of trying to catch up on reading some other blogs that I frequent, and something caught my eye. So, here I go:…Read More

What if they held an election and nobody came?

I first saw that question posed by Billy Beck some years ago on Usenet, and have seen him pose it a few times since. I live in California, so there’s an election today. Just rounding the corner for the homestretch of my morning walk with Rotor, I happen upon my next-door neighbor, Brian. He’s on his way back from the elementary school the next block over where he had just cast his ballot. We exchange…Read More

The Passion of the Gay Marriage

What a bizarre time—when the two issues at the forefront of current events are gay marriage and a film that focuses in on the story of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Well, religion and hypocrisy have never made for particularly strange bedfellows, and in the case of gay marriage, this is no exception. Ask yourself: if the State were now proposing laws to limit marriage in ways that would affect traditional couples, would religious…Read More