Your Crack Can Land Your Ass in Jail

In case any of you “crack-pots” out there foolishly thought that the darkness of the crack of your butt was beyond the purview of government’s big fat nose, think again.

Louisiana lawmaker Derrick Sheperd has introduced a bill to ban the wearing of pants below the waist. The bill would make it a crime to do so, subjecting offenders to a fine of up to $500, jail time of up to six months, or both.

No, it’s no joke. Here’s the bill. Here’s an AP article on it.

Interestingly, not an hour ago, I was writing an email to a family list having to do with the recent overtime pay changes that all the “friends of labor” websites are up in arms about. It strikes me that not 1 in 1 million people out there will see how the absurdity of the above and the “oh-so-necessary” labor laws are just two sides of the same coin.

You fools have the government you deserve.

(AP link via WND)

Richard Nikoley

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