Jesus is Coming Again…The Day After Tomorrow

Being a complete sucker for good sci-fi special effects, I went to see The Day After Tomorrow. Unbelievably well done, and in that respect alone, it's an entertaining movie. As for the subject matter, well, there's not much to say. Anyone who cares to spend only the briefest space of time gathering their own information will plainly see that the science of global warming and massive climate change are not nearly as settled as one-half…Read More

Irreconcilable Differences?

Joshua Holmes at No Treason sure opened the flood gates in a post about how libertarians, normally allied against statism, are quite divided in their positions on The War. ...the War on Terror and the War on Iraq have separated the libertarians who mean it and the libertarians who are faking it. He concludes: Really, what separates we libertarians from market-oriented conservatives is that radical critique of the power of the state. More than empty…Read More

“Congressman ‘Potty Mouth’ Stark”

But, given sufficient reflection, it’s damn hard not to wonder if these assholes actually have a point. Given that there are so many of these creeps running my life and yours, and that they were elected to these positions and remain there, at what conclusion do we arrive? What other than extreme naïveté, unfathomable ignorance, or breathtaking stupidity can explain it?Read More

Blue in the Face

Whether you willingly give someone the power, or whether they take it by gun-backed threat of force (all governments worldwide, throughout all time), when someone has the virtual unchecked ability to dictate what your values are going to be and make you pay for them whether you like it or not, it’s going to result in a mess. Every time. Without exception. There is no fixing it. There’s no patch. And there's no middle ground.…Read More

Don’t Let Your Brains Fall Out

So, what’s the simple moral principle that was illustrated in that story, the moral principal that goes far beyond the accounting for that paycheck? The principal is that if it’s morally wrong to rob someone, then it’s wrong if I do it, you do it, or anyone else does it, regardless of what they call themselves (“the public interest;” “the social contract;” “the government;” “the people;” “the democracy;” “the greater good”), and, regardless of what…Read More


As a former U.S. Navy officer with 10 years of service (two as a Midshipman), I do not believe this military needs any such defense. When I heard of it, and saw the pictures, my initial reaction was that the military will get to the bottom of it and render justice in a most deliberate, sweeping, and objective way. Du-uh!Read More