Blue in the Face

As I’ve mentioned before, I do admire much of the economic and consequentialist arguments that show why self-responsibility, personal accountability, and unbridled liberty is ultimately a better deal for everyone than the pragmatic (unprincipled), heavily regulated, safety-at-all-cost welfare State in which we live. But these arguments have been around forever—which is good evidence that the mostly-stupid public either can’t comprehend such arguments, or can’t work out the simple economic cause & effect scenario on their own.

It goes without saying that we can’t count on the political class or their bedfellows in the media (right or left) to clue anyone in to the nuts-&-bolts reality of the current economic situation, or the potential economic situation in the face of actual liberty (as a principle, not a rule of thumb). The left wants a socialist welfare state, which is what we have, and the right wants a flag-waving, God-fearing, “moral” socialist welfare state. If you’re counting on them for anything more than continued intrusion into your life…you’re, uh, stupid.

Until you’re blue in the face; that’s how long you can go on giving valid economic arguments, to no avail. Observe; in the space of about 10 minutes this morning, I came across no less than two posts that reference two other posts, all of which demonstrate most clearly to anyone with more than a pretense of a brain that governments are, as a general statement, totally incompetent to make decisions that effect economic reality. It’s a simple fact.

Here, John Venlet references an article by Thomas Sowell that clearly shows what a bunch of incapable and ineffective dufuses run the San Mateo, CA city planning commission. But, does anyone detect that the problem goes far beyond San Mateo and is the predictable result when principles involving private property are violated? No, of course not. Instead, the focus is narrowed to laser-beam precision: San Mateo has a problem, so Fix San Mateo (if we’re lucky).

And here’s one where Brian Michlethwait expounds upon a post by Dr. Eamonn Butler, clearly showing what a bunch of dildos the Germans are.

Whether you willingly give someone the power, or whether they take it by gun-backed threat of force (all governments worldwide, throughout all time), when someone has the virtual unchecked ability to dictate what your values are going to be and make you pay for them whether you like it or not, it’s going to result in a mess. Every time. Without exception. There is no fixing it. There’s no patch. And there’s no middle ground. If you are not choosing your own values, then you are the subject of whomever is choosing them.

Economic arguments will make great I-told-you-so darts if ever we can get the moral principles underpinning individualism and freedom in place. I won’t be holding my breath, lest I turn blue in the face.

Richard Nikoley

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