Jesus is Coming Again…The Day After Tomorrow

Being a complete sucker for good sci-fi special effects, I went to see The Day After Tomorrow. Unbelievably well done, and in that respect alone, it’s an entertaining movie. As for the subject matter, well, there’s not much to say. Anyone who cares to spend only the briefest space of time gathering their own information will plainly see that the science of global warming and massive climate change are not nearly as settled as one-half of the circus vying for political power (and their media soul mates) would have you believe. In fact, even if you accept that the earth is warming, you still are left with showing that man’s industrial and consumption activities cause anything more than negligible effects on such global events. From there, you need to show that such warming will cause net harm to civilization rather than net benefit.

A lot of dots to connect, which is why most real scientists hold the only tenable position on the matter: inconclusive.

Returning to the film, it was only after a few minutes that I was gratified to realize that the Church of the Environment had relegated itself to the same level as those who have been predicting the return of Jesus Christ for centuries, along with all the comparable cataclysmic ends.

Richard Nikoley

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