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Kim du Toit puts Al Gore in a quite proper perspective.

I believe this would be the first time I’ve linked to one of Kim’s articles, not that I haven’t been reading him fairly regularly for a while now. I’ll probably be doing more of it from now on. He writes an entertaining blog, with a lot of it being about guns (cool). The guy has guns all over the place, which means, your kids would be at least as safe in Kim’s custody as in the custody of your local police station. He’s a conservative, but nobody’s fool, either.

Here’s a bit about Kim, from his blog:

Kim du Toit was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kim emigrated to the United States in 1986.

A graduate of St. John’s College, he next began a Philosophy degree, but soon abandoned the idea–attending university didn’t help him towards his goal of becoming educated.

Kim is the living embodiment of contradictions:

a White African-American with a girl’s first name and a French last name;

values the sanctity of marriage, but is married to his third wife;

attended a religious boarding school, but is an atheist;

trained chorister, but played bass guitar in a rock band;

conservative gun nut and hunter, but also an animal-lover whose pets are spoiled rotten;

and finally, a most politically-incorrect story teller who also experienced a brief stint in a South African jail for protesting against apartheid.

Kim, proudly, became a U.S. citizen in 1989. Having fled the liberals in Chicago, Illinois, Kim now lives in north Texas. He still hates Mayor Daley.

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