Deconstructing Liberal Theory and Practice

Time to make another entry to my “Very Short Blogroll” on the left-side column. I’m honored to introduce Keith Burgess-Jackson, JD, PhD. He’s a licensed attorney in both Michigan and Arizona, and currently a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas. I’ve been reading his blog, on and off, for a few months and I find his depth on the general subject matter of philosophy, politics, and ethics to be noteworthy. He comes up…Read More

The Ambulance Chaser

In complete betrayal of the title to this post, this article gives a much more civil assessment of John Edward's "career" as a blood-sucking parasite than I ever could. (link via AnalPhilosopher)Read More

The Candidate for Vice-Hypocrite

Well, I’m behind. I should be posting about the other guy, but first things first. I was going to write a summary of Edward’s speech; then I realized that someone already wrote the Legend of Robin Hood—you know—the “virtue” of stealing from the rich to give to the poor. That will suffice. I will say that it must be ironic to all but zombies to listen to a speech themed on “Two Americas” (class envy…Read More

A Point of Order

Just stop using the word “democratic” in an improper and loaded manner already. Next time someone says “democratic party,” ask them which one they mean, the Democrat Party or the Republican Party. When they talk about the “democratic convention,” inquire as to whether they are talking about the one being put on by the Democrats or the one to be put on by the Republicans. Listen, I’m no big fan of democracy. It’s just the…Read More

Michael Moore vs. Bill O’Reilly

Well, this is what you get when you're a blowhard with no sound foundation. O'Reilly, sometimes entertaining as host of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, is shallow in terms of political philosophy. And that came out in spades during last night's interview with Michael Moore. He deserved to be embarrassed as he should be after that performance. Bill: when someone confronts you with a moral argument, the thing to do is examine the moral being…Read More

Because We’re Fair & Balanced Too

Here, I essentially called Teresa Heinz Kerry, the candidate for First Lady, a whore. Look: she marries into money and when she finally inherits it, promptly goes about spending it in ways her Republican Senator husband John Heinz would not have approved*, and I don't mean closets full of shoes and clothes. She's giving it away to charities that espouse beliefs radically contrary to those of the one who left her the money. That's just…Read More

Teresa, Tereas, Teresa

When married to Republican Senator John Heinz, heir to the Heinz fortune which she inherited, I believe that Teresa Heinz was speaking from her heart when she called Democrat politics “putrid” and Ted Kennedy a “perfect bastard.” But let’s get beyond the whoring. She’s not the first, nor will she be the last woman to spread her legs for the sake of power. To wit, Hillary spoke last evening. I’m actually sitting here watching her…Read More

A Conciliatory Post

I thought that in view of how tough I normally am on the politicians, and it’s opening day of the Democrat Party Convention, I’d post the top ten reasons the Democrats give for ousting Bush. See how many you agree with. 1. Bush is destroying workers rights and outsourcing jobs instead of protecting the right to organize and creating new jobs rebuilding schools, bridges, roads and hospitals. 2. Bush is privatizing Medicare, Social Security and…Read More

Tying up Loose Ends and Other Reflections on Values and Principles

My wife, Beatrice, and I are down here in Moreno Valley, CA, near Riverside visiting with her parents. A couple of years ago, I finally talked them into getting DSL (for not totally unselfish reasons). But; they love it. Yesterday, in another act not completely unselfish, I installed a wireless router. Now I can sit in their nice backyard and stay connected with the office VPN. I told them that there’s now one less excuse…Read More

Vive la Lance

Does everyone grasp what an accomplishment this is? Can anyone think of any other modern, world-class sporting event where a team or individual has prevailed not only six times, but six times consecutively? Amazing!Read More

You’re Fired

That was a week ago. Today at 3pm we reviewed the projects again in preparation for wrap-up meetings. Again I got some great feedback on my performance and for creating these great new opportunities, and then my boss's boss came in and said "I'm sorry, we're going to have to let you go". He in fact wanted to have me escorted off the premises immediately. He actually looked frightened of me and left the room…Read More

Jesus is Coming Again, and Man is He Pissed!

I must admit to complete ignorance of what I now learn are the top selling books in the country amongst adults, the "Left Behind" series of evangelical thrillers. My, oh my; what a frightful world we live in. At any rate, Virginia Postrel, the former editor of Reason Magazine has an apt analysis, I think. In all these ways, Kristof is indeed unfair. But his outsider's eye does raise a serious question that evangelicals seem…Read More

I Stand Accused

Ok, after yesterday's post here, I stand accused of dislike and disgust of Democrats. If only it were that simple. While I despise what the Democrat party stands for in most cases, people are far more complex than their political parties—fortunately, I might add. I also think that the Republicans are stupid cowards who continually make needless compromises. How do I boil it down to its most essential form? You, and most others, believe that…Read More

Carts Before Horses

I'm asked, in reference to this, if It's not just the economics of employee retention that causes me act as I do with reference to pay and benefits. I was just talking with my General Manager and Controller about this very thing this morning. It's both, really. There's the goodwill, plus the business economics that indicate it's usually the best strategy because turnover and training can be very costly as well. I've always believed that…Read More

Teresa Heinz Kerry Philanthropy

I received an email today extolling the virtues of Teresa Heinz Kerry's philanthropy, which I have no beef with, per se. She inherited the fortune, and it's hers to do with as she pleases. So, here's my retort: Isn't this whole philanthropic thing a bit overblown? I mean, I understand why it's done, which has a little to do with uplifting humanity and a lot to do with prestige, legacy, and in some cases, just…Read More

Umpteenth Annual Festival of Freeflight

Well, this is about 2 weeks late. I’d wanted to post something about my 4th of July weekend up in the high desert of Lakeview, Oregon. Out of the last six years, I’ve made it to the Festival five times and my wife has been with me four of those times. It’s truly a very enjoyable time. Never have we pre-arranged with anyone to be there at the same time, and yet, each year, we’ll…Read More


Below is a relavent exerpt from this link: On July 8, 2004, CNN ran the story that President Bush declined the NAACP offer to speak at its convention, becoming the first president since Herbert Hoover to do so. The President's team lamented the strained relationship between the president and the leadership of the NAACP. This is an understatement. While President Bush increased the Ryan White Care Act AIDS Drug Assistance Program funding 41% during his…Read More

Let’s Lynch Martha Stewart

Hey, Brian Sussman (filling in for Lee Rodgers), Melanie Morgan, and Officer Vic: Great job this morning on your KSFO 560 morning show. The way you all chortled with glee at Martha’s demise and ridiculed her every second of exposure before the cameras was in the highest tradition of lynch-mob “justice.” Good for you. Better than that, you really drove home the idea that Martha Stewart is nothing more than a greedy bitch who got…Read More

So, Whad’ya Think?

…About the new banner, up top? I was never really satisfied with the old one, nor with the tagline. Then, I recently came across the Da Vinci quote and just had to incorporate it, somehow. The background is actually a cropped section of a Da Vinci sketch, which I then subjected to Adobe Photoshop and messed around with the hue and saturation. No disrespect to Leonardo intended. You can see the original here, at the…Read More