Because We’re Fair & Balanced Too

Here, I essentially called Teresa Heinz Kerry, the candidate for First Lady, a whore. Look: she marries into money and when she finally inherits it, promptly goes about spending it in ways her Republican Senator husband John Heinz would not have approved*, and I don’t mean closets full of shoes and clothes. She’s giving it away to charities that espouse beliefs radically contrary to those of the one who left her the money. That’s just trampling on his grave, as far as I’m concerned. And if that’s not bad enough, she marries yet another Senator, but this time one who is the absolute farthest to the left of any Senator in office and now proceeds to use her inherited wealth, and the influence it buys, to go even farther against what her late husband would have wished for, making a mockery of him in front of the whole country.

I think it’s disgusting. I know nothing about John Heinz, only that his memory and reputation are irrevocably besmirched.

Kim du Toit has a different take that showcases his South African heritage and is far more amusing than mine.

* (He should have been more careful setting up the trusts.)

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