I Stand Accused

Ok, after yesterday’s post here, I stand accused of dislike and disgust of Democrats.

If only it were that simple. While I despise what the Democrat party stands for in most cases, people are far more complex than their political parties—fortunately, I might add. I also think that the Republicans are stupid cowards who continually make needless compromises.

How do I boil it down to its most essential form? You, and most others, believe that you have the authority to get yourselves together and decide how my life is going to be, and then enforce your edicts upon me, at gunpoint, if necessary. You’re going to decide what sorts of values are appropriate and not appropriate for me, what relative priorities they will hold, and how much or how little I’m going to pay for them. You’re going to tell me whom I can and can’t do business with, and then, you’re going to determine the terms of our contracts instead of we who are parties to those contracts. To top it off, you’re going to compel me to pay for this little exercise of yours under threat of imprisonment.

You call it government. I call it tyranny.

The only real difference between the Democrats and Republicans in this regard is that the Democrats are lock, stock & barrel submissive to government at virtually every level and in every way. Republicans still have just a little bit of the rebel in them, but at this point, barely detectable. Thus, it is essentially too late for this ever to be a free country again in the classical sense, short of some bloody revolution or civil war, which would be worse than the disease. And still, there would be no guarantee that we would achieve freedom.

Richard Nikoley

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