Jesus is Coming Again, and Man is He Pissed!

I must admit to complete ignorance of what I now learn are the top selling books in the country amongst adults, the “Left Behind” series of evangelical thrillers. My, oh my; what a frightful world we live in.

At any rate, Virginia Postrel, the former editor of Reason Magazine has an apt analysis, I think.

In all these ways, Kristof is indeed unfair. But his outsider’s eye does raise a serious question that evangelicals seem never to ask themselves: Why would you worship such a God? What makes you think a deity who would consign righteous unbelievers (or even bad guys) to never-ending torture–a bully who makes the most vicious dictator look like a nice guy–deserves adoration and praise? Do you really believe this stuff? Would you believe it if you hadn’t heard it all your life?


Richard Nikoley

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