Let’s Lynch Martha Stewart

Hey, Brian Sussman (filling in for Lee Rodgers), Melanie Morgan, and Officer Vic: Great job this morning on your KSFO 560 morning show. The way you all chortled with glee at Martha’s demise and ridiculed her every second of exposure before the cameras was in the highest tradition of lynch-mob “justice.” Good for you. Better than that, you really drove home the idea that Martha Stewart is nothing more than a greedy bitch who got to where she is only by riding on the productive yet exploited backs of others, and thus, so richly deserves everything she now has coming to her. It’s very good to know that we can count on you conservative republicans the next time the envy parade comes through town to sweep up the next mega jobs-&-values producer. Clearly, when that comes to pass, you’ll be no more surprised than I, but obviously for different reasons.

You pipsqueaks and clowns are disgusting. This illustrates the sort of hypocrisy, stupidity, and cowardice republicans can be so famous for.

How is it that you can seem to grasp the principle that morality trumps legality when it comes to your sacred texts, but you can’t grasp it when it comes to something so fundamental as a person’s inalienable right to lie to “federal investigators” if they damn well please – especially when they come to “investigate” you for “crimes” for which they can’t even make a case? Yes, that’s right. Contrary to common “knowledge,” Stewart is not going down for the bogus crime of “insider trading.” She’s going down for lying to investigators. Such Gestapo “law enforcement” should trouble anyone.

And to you others I’ve been hearing throughout the day, like Glenn Beck ridiculing her on his radio program for expressing sorrow over the 200 employees at her company who have lost their jobs in the midst of all this (but hey, those families, I’m sure, can take comfort in their “sacrifice” that “justice” was done), vowing to ‘be back,’ and asking supporters to subscribe to her magazine – Fuck all of you; and I mean it. At least she shows the maturity and presence of mind to put on a game face for the world. After all, unlike any of you wannabes, she has thousands of other employees and their families to be concerned about, thousands of vedor and customer companies (and their employees and families) to be concerned about, as well as the thousands of people who have money invested in her company to be concerned about.

Well, perhaps she gets the last laugh anyway. Trading just closed on the NYSE and Martha Stewart Living is up almost 37% for the day (that’s hundreds of millions of dollars invested in Martha Stewart, today). That begins to make up for the $1/2 billion dollars that investors lost since the Fuckhead Feds began going after her for trying to save fifty K.

You all disgust me to virtually no limit.

Update: John Lopez over at No Treason has some things to say about this whole affair.

Richard Nikoley

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