Teresa, Tereas, Teresa

When married to Republican Senator John Heinz, heir to the Heinz fortune which she inherited, I believe that Teresa Heinz was speaking from her heart when she called Democrat politics “putrid” and Ted Kennedy a “perfect bastard.” But let’s get beyond the whoring. She’s not the first, nor will she be the last woman to spread her legs for the sake of power. To wit, Hillary spoke last evening.

I’m actually sitting here watching her speech as I write this. She’s no dummy. That’s clear. She’s thoughtful. But that’s just it. She just spoke her bit about Galileo, Cassini, and Hubble, and other such things. Did anyone notice the silence and blank stares in the audience? I’ll leave it to readers to gather just why that is.

And what was that bit about the Peace Corps, for Christ’s sake—while we have troops in conflict overseas?

Richard Nikoley

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