The Final Penalty is Death

Have you ever stopped to consider what would happen if you refused to submit in any way to even a small injustice on the part of the state? Let’s take a parking ticket, for example. Without bothering to create a specific scenario, let’s assume that you received the ticket in error and were not in violation. That’s the premised reality for this make-believe situation. You violated no established code, but received a citation for a…Read More

Because I Was One

Perhaps it's that philosopher and professor Kieth Burgess-Jackson was a liberal that he's so razor sharp effective at deconstructing them. There is no reason to think there is a conservative conspiracy to thwart liberalism. There’s no need for a conspiracy. Liberalism contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction. It denies the moral relevance of such things as desert and responsibility. It thinks in terms of groups rather than individuals. It is guilt-ridden to…Read More

The Power to Beg for the Whip

What's Billy Beck spewing venom about now? In other words, you can all have your stupid opinions, out there. You get to have your ridiculous say. You can gang-up as you please and see what you can gouge and scratch out of each other. And then, we'll all get to deal with the increasingly disastrous consequences for a couple of years until the next Great Public Conspiracy after the next Peak of Cannibal-Pot Hysteria. You…Read More

Politicized and Tribalized

A friend alerts me in email that Alan Bromley gets No Holiday From Hate. "Screw you!" someone shouted from across the porch. My daughter's head swerved to the yelling miscreant, then back to me, somewhat fearful of my reaction. I said: "And to you sir, may I ask, don't you see the irony of the Democrats using 'restore trust' as their slogan. Did you not see their lineup of speakers? "Let's count: we had Ted…Read More

Hoist By Their Own Petard

(Alternate title: The Law of Unintended Consequences) I truly adore this political mud slinging by independent groups ("527s") that's arisen in the wake of "Campaign Finance Reform" plugging up a few outlets for private contributions. Of course, the very same money just found its way to other outlets, and when those are plugged, it will find its way to yet other outlets. Will all this evidence cause people to doubt the intellectual and “problem”-solving abilities…Read More

It’s a Start (Maybe)

In a striking admission, George W. Bush said the other day that that ''We actually misnamed the war on terror. It ought to be [called] the struggle against ideological extremists who do not believe in free societies and who happen to use terror as a weapon to try to shake the conscience of the free world.'' From an article by Daniel Pipes in the Chicago Sun-Times entitled, ‘Terrorism’ battle is really fight against Islamism. You…Read More


The opening voiceover in the HBO special Band of Brothers said: I'm not a hero, but I served with a bunch of heros. John Kerry's message is: 'I'm a hero, and I served with a bunch of war criminals.' That was Lee Rodgers, during this morning's show on KSFO. UPDATE: See Heroes Don't Shout. Via Michelle Malkin.Read More

Then why not try freedom?

Yea, here’s a ringing endorsement of western European socialism. Seems former east Germans aren’t able to find enough essential differences between their current and past standing to realize that they’re “better off” now than they were under communism. There’s a spiritual lesson here, folks. Human beings are born to be free. A cage with a lot of nice trappings is still a cage. America is becoming more productive and individuals are attaining a “higher standard…Read More

What’s worse: being a phony, or falling for one?

It's been my keen observation that one of the reasons conservatives generally have it tougher in American politics than liberals—in terms of media portrayal and public "persona"—is that conservatives have more of a tendency to be straight up. They are sooner to tell you, unabashedly, how they stand. Often, I sense that they sometimes even delight in stating a position they know someone else is likely to disagree with. On the other hand, I've observed…Read More

Les Vacances

Well, the wife & I are outta here for a few days. Off to relax, camp, and "fly the rim." This is like our seventh consecutuve year, so you gotta know how much we enjoy it. Back sometime Monday.Read More

Lefty Gets Half a Brain Transplant

George W. Bush is an asshole, isn't he? That's lefty Tom Junod, who gets half his brain transplanted and writes about it in Esquire Magazine. Here's some telling excerpts: What if he's right? As easy as it is to say that we can't abide the president because of the gulf between what he espouses and what he actually does, what haunts me is the possibility that we can't abide him because of us--because of the…Read More

It’s not like anyone gives a damn, but…

For those of the left out there who pretty much get their news from the major networks, the morning paper, and one or more of the popular news weeklies, this is all going to be complete news to you (which, alas, is not news). Here's a pretty comprehensive report on 59 "deceits" (I'd call most outright intentional lies, but why split hairs over that?) in Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11 that even the left-winger Charles…Read More

To Hell in a Handbasket, I Tell Ya

I hope the readers aren’t suggesting that unless God exists, anything goes. Why would that be? Why can’t morality be concerned with human well-being, fairness, or respect for persons? Why must there be a supernatural dimension to it? That's Keith Burgess-Jackson (again), with a post on the ties between religion and morality. Interesting. At one level, there's a parallel in that excerpt to arguments I hear for the necessity of government. God and government, or…Read More

Why Vietnam?

Its all he has. If America were to really judge John Kerry's record, the real record, the one that makes a difference, his Senate record, they'd most likely reject him outright. But now, even his Vietnam record appears to be something other than he claims. Bruce McQuain, in a thorough analysis of this.Read More

Phony Compassion

Don’t fall for liberal propaganda. A rational person evaluates actions in terms of both costs and benefits. A rational person understands that there are costs to inaction as well as to action, and that one is as responsible for what one allows as for what one does. Liberals make it seem as though the war in Iraq has only costs and that not waging war there would have been costless. Both propositions are patently false.…Read More

So Be It

Of course that is 4 months more than you or I have spent in a combat zone.....................and certainly 4 more months than GW. From an email. Well, no, no bullets were flying, but let me provide a few highlights of my service as a US Navy officer in the same surface warfare officer (SWO) corps as John Kerry: I patrolled the Persian Gulf in warships both before (USS REEVES (CG-24)) and after (FNS COLBERT (C611))…Read More

Am I a “Bushie?”

Well, it happened. Someone finally called me a "Bushie." Do I prefer Bush over Kerry in this election? Absolutely. I’ve made no bones about it. Am I a fan of Bush? In general, absolutely not. In the narrow context of the war, yes. It's really all about the lesser of two evils, for me. Bush is just as much of a disaster on the domestic front as any democrat, spending like a drunken sailor. I've…Read More


So, I get this, by email from a brother-in-law just as I’m sitting down for lunch. No indication of its source. Don’t know whether it’s contrived, or an actual speech or letter. Nevertheless, it got me to thinking. Bud: Thanks. This turned out to be very enjoyable reading on my Blackberry during lunch. A quick search upon my return to the office yields that this letter was written by some retired attorney to his sons.…Read More