Gratuitous Cheap Shot

But I can't resist. So, OK, setting aside any other considerations (such as the fact that both of them will steal your money and spend it like drunken sailors on things they deem important), here's your choices for next Commander-in-Chief: This: Or This: And This:Read More

What was that?

I said…Kerry loses ground after announcing the Ambulance Chaser as his running mate, and to add insult, gets no bounce whatsoever from the Democrat Convention. This latter assessment via a CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey conducted after the convention. Even Dukakis got a 17-pt. bounce after the convention in the '88 race. Huh?; I would have sworn that the convention, made up of delegates 90%+ of whom oppose the war and 60%+ who would unilaterally withdraw immediately—yet…Read More