Theft by Proxy

Billy Beck points to something that has long troubled me. It’s like this. It’s becoming easier and easier to just play along, to pull up around the fire and join in the Cannibal Pot Hysteria (as Beck calls it) along with everyone else. Just look at everything Uncle Sam has stolen from others for your benefit in terms of money, time, and diverted attentions? Most of you would never in your whole lives think of…Read More

Sand Castles

All of which makes it imperative that civilizations be willing to robustly defend themselves. Rome didn’t collapse because the barbarians were too strong for Roman legions to defeat. Rome collapsed because its citizens no longer regarded the defense of Rome as either a duty or an honor, and entrusted it to mercenaries who, being mainly barbarians themselves, were unwilling to defend it against barbarism. Today’s overcivilization, however, is even more dangerous than the type that…Read More

Lion Wanna Cracker?

Ever listen to kids playing, creating their own rules for some particular game? It can be a riot. They’ll pose to one another some series of lofty and complex rules with all sorts of exceptions, then, beginning to realize some of the consequences for their own stakes in the game, abandon everything and just go about having fun. Couldn’t help but have that vision in my head as I read this load of silly crap.Read More

No Escape

I'm glad to be seeing more and more of this, around, since I've been saying and writing it since 9/11. It has taken awhile, but it appears that many are finally coming to the realization that this is a battle between our civilization and their anti-civilization. Here, there is no synthesis possible. Both their will and spirit must be broken, or they must be utterly destroyed. In conventional conflicts, such as the wars of history,…Read More

Ignorance of Youth

I still recall with clarity a day driving in the car with my dad during the years I was being educated at an institution of higher learning. We were talking politics, and then I said it, the singular most ignorant thing to ever cross my lips in the field of political philosophy. I think that everyone should be guaranteed to have their most fundamental needs met: food and healthcare. Of course, I had no idea…Read More

Let’s Get Something Straight

As the intellectually honest, liberal-but-complex Christopher Hitchens aptly pointed out in a Fox News interview I saw the other night, the Dan Rather Documents everyone has been talking about are fabrications, not forgeries. Most precisely, they are fabrications with a forged signature. Calling them forgeries lends credence to the story, for which there is no credible evidence.Read More

Sent Items

Not a lot of blogging lately, but the inspiration comes and goes. Also, I've been quite busy and have been doing more flying in the last few months than in the previous two years. Anyway, here’s a few snippets from my email Sent Items folder in the last few days: On Bush My only support for Bush is based on his ability to act steadfastly in this ghastly business of killing the hundreds of thousands…Read More

Dan Rather’s Blather

Former friend, colleague, and fellow lefty Bernard Goldberg has some insight on the whole affair. By the way: the documents are fake. If you think there's any question about that, you're either too uniformed to have an opinion on the matter (i.e., so shut up), or, you're a completely hopeless idiot and should just, uh,...shut up.Read More

You Go, Ann

I'm normally not able to sit through an entire interview of or read a whole column by any of the unabashed shills for either party. Ann Coulter usually counts among those. Nonetheless, she's got one here that's worth a read. It's quite funny to boot. (link via Burgess-Jackson)Read More

Clear Thinking

I’ve yet to hear or read very much of it during the whole Swift Boat Vet and Texas Air National Guard controversy. So, allow me to lay down some proper perspectives in clarity, here. First, I have no doubt of the approximate accuracy of the following assertions of fact: 1. George W. Bush used influence or had help in obtaining a post with the Guard, and that his purpose in doing so was to avoid…Read More

Air Ballet

My wife and I spent the Labor Day weekend in Indian Valley on a hang gliding trip. Bea & I reconnected with friends and acquaintances we had not seen in months and years. Running a growing company, flying has been a rare luxury over the last few years. I’m trying to change that through recognition of the fact that I’m at my best when taking the time to do some of the things that most…Read More

Figuring Out Zell Miller

I enjoyed the democrat governor of Georgia and current democrat US Sentator Zell Miller’s speech last evening at the Republican National Convention—as I enjoyed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and even Rudy Giuliani’s on previous nights. I enjoyed all three because all were deeply spiritual speeches. Contrast that to the Democrat National Convention where what you heard was a cornucopia of deeply emotional speeches. Do you grasp the difference? Spirituality is emotion that’s reflective of an individual’s most…Read More