Theft by Proxy

Billy Beck points to something that has long troubled me.

It’s like this. It’s becoming easier and easier to just play along, to pull up around the fire and join in the Cannibal Pot Hysteria (as Beck calls it) along with everyone else. Just look at everything Uncle Sam has stolen from others for your benefit in terms of money, time, and diverted attentions?

Most of you would never in your whole lives think of taking something from someone else through an explicit act of coercion. You would not dream of making other men your slaves, to serve your values instead of their own. Yet, each and every one of you, every day, benefits to some extent from the spoils of government coercion and theft. Some of you have positioned yourselves such that you essentially can’t live with out it, anymore.

I suppose it will continue like this until there’s nothing left to steal.

Richard Nikoley

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