No Stupids

I read and I laugh.

Listen, I’m perfectly happy if no one at all votes. As it is, nearly half of eligible voters don’t vote, and I’m happy to see that number increase. But given that everyone who votes is implicitly going there in hopes of securing a majority (might makes right) to force me to do what they cannot otherwise persuade me to do (or pay for), then I certainly do hope that those who engage in this practice have some brains.

It was the famous novelist Robert A. Heinlein who once suggested that voting booths be locked, and in order to gain access, a potential voter had to first solve a simple quadratic equation.

Well, that would certainly be a far cry from the wringing of hands for “the disenfranchisement of minority voters.” In Heinlein’s world, the fact that you’re able to get your dumb ass to a voting booth in the first place is merely assumed.

(via John Venlet)

Richard Nikoley

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