Bush Should Apologize (when hell freezes over)

It's hard to believe the whole left-liberal insistence that women, in particular, are offended by the President's refusal to apologize. The myth being propagated is that the President is reminding women of a trait they dislike in their own husbands. But if -- as we were told -- women were charmed throughout the '90's by a skirt-chasing, promise-breaking, smooth-talking southern President who left a string of maligned or abandoned women in his wake, it's hard…Read More

Martha Stewart (again)

Now that we're all safer as Martha Stewart sits behind bars in federal prison, here's one last bit on what a rotten example of ego-justice it is. This is a short excerpt from Harry Browne's Journal, which I'll quote in its entirety. October 11, 2004 Martha Stewart one last time: I recently received the following email: I have just read your article on the internet regarding Martha Stewart's guilty verdict. While I do agree that…Read More

Then, and Now

Here's a look at what the sport of hang gliding looked like back in the mid-70s, and now, 30 years later. I'll leave it to readers to guess which photos go in which era.Read More

John Kerry: Civil Libertarian

Flying from a conference in Chicago back home to San Jose, California yesterday was a good opportunity to catch up on some reading. So, I read the October print edition of Reason cover-to-cover that had been sitting on my desk at home untouched for several weeks. By now, they have the October online edition up (they always delay the free online edition, for obvious reasons). I’d bet that the article titled John Kerry’s Dark Record…Read More

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

I don't suppose there's anything that so makes we want to spew choice obscenities than to hear the tripe about how recent tax cuts (i.e., stealing less of your money) benefit primarily the wealthy. It's depressing, too, because I understand that if Kerry and other dems are saying it, then they're doing so because it finds an audience somewhere, and how can you not get depressed in realizing that people so dumb actually exist and…Read More

Chicago Marathon

Turns out the Hilton Hotel I've been at in downtown Chicago for the last three days was just a few yards down from the starting line of the Chicago Marathon, which took place this morning. 40,000 people subjecting themselves to 26 miles of agony.Read More

Beach Destinations

That's Ohio Beach, right off Michigan Avenue's "Magnificent Mile," yesterday afternoon. I never once in my life thought 'beach' when I thought of Chicago.Read More

In Chicago

Attending a conference of State 'regulators', who, for some inexplicable reason, believe they know better how to serve my company's clients than I do. Consequently, they're all busy drafting legislation to clamp down on this industry. I'm sure they all feel very important.Read More


I can across this 'adorable' Ronald Reagan quote this morning that struck me as quite in the style of H.L. Mencken: It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first. I posted this Mencken tribute back in January with a few quotes, so you can see for yourself if you agree with my assessment.Read More

Cool, if it Works…

Ok, if this works, there should be a title to this post, a picture of my office displayed somewhere, and the body text you're reading. Got an hp6315 which is a PDA, phone, and camera all wrapped into one, which I'm trying to post with via email and attached photo. It has wireless data access via GPRS and built-in Wi-Fi. Cool, to say the least.Read More

The Fruits of Ignorance

Counting the time leading up to the 2000 presidential election, it’s now five years or so that I’ve been observing disparaging remarks about Bush’s intelligence. He’s dumb, an idiot, and so on. Never mind that he has an impressive academic record by any standard; or, that he successfully piloted air force fighter jets; or, that he has experienced success in business; or, that he managed to become the governor of Texas; or, that he managed…Read More