Shadow War

I heard a radio interview this morning of Richard Miniter, author of a new book called Shadow War. During this morning’s interview, he stated, “I am not a registered republican and I did not vote for George Bush.” Some key excerpts from the book description, linked to above:

Drawing on material he gathered from court records, government reports, and other authoritative documents, and during travels and interviews with top-level officials in Baghdad, Khartoum, Cairo, Manila, Hong Kong, Paris, London, and elsewhere — as well as New York and Washington…

This is a thrilling story of sleeper cells and patient plots, phone intercepts and covert operations, boldly triumphant captures and heartbreakingly close escapes. Miniter offers compelling evidence, much of it never seen before…

Miniter also goes beyond the biases and distortions of the evening news to demonstrate that since September 11, 2001, al Qaeda has made many attempts to kill large numbers of Americans. So far, these attempts have failed — because they have been thwarted. Far from failing to keep up with what radical Muslims are doing, intelligence officials, according to Miniter, are defeating a plot somewhere in the world every day. Miniter shows how the Bush Administration’s aggressive execution of the War on Terror — including everything from aerial bombardment and covert operations to relentless counter-intelligence and patient police work — has kept the terrorists at bay.

So are we winning the War on Terror? Miniter says yes – and provides details about the more than 3,000 al Qaeda operatives have been seized or slain in 102 countries since September 11, 2001. He takes you inside the Bush team’s clandestine efforts against the global terror network, showing how right the President was when he told the world in March 2004 that “some two-thirds of al Qaeda’s key leaders have been captured or killed; the rest of them hear us breathing down their necks.”

Here, then, is the story of daring conspiracies to kill hundreds and desperate efforts to safeguard millions. It is a largely untold tale of a secret war that sprawls over four continents. On its outcome turns the future of the free world. Says Miniter: “If the press covered World War II the way they cover the War on Terror, we would have seen exhaustive coverage of the carnage of the Pearl Harbor attack but missed entirely Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo, the heroic defeat on Wake Island, the desperate defense of Guadalcanal, and the come-from-behind victory in the Battle of Midway. With a press like this, at the end of 1942 America would have no idea whether World War II was a hopeless cataclysm or a purposeful march to victory.” Shadow War is the much-needed corrective to this skewed and dangerous perspective.

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