So, What’s New?

Second, gut any Bush hopes for legitimacy. Find the places in Florida and Ohio and every other state where a plausible argument for Republican vote fraud can be made. It doesn't matter whether it did happen or not. What matters is if it can be plausibly alleged to marginal Bush supporters and to the media. We also have to let the issue go where it's implausible. Hammering on voter fraud where it's not at least…Read More

The Wrap Up

Well it’s finally, FINALLY over. Thank God! Honestly, I don’t know how it is I get so caught up in it, particularly as a non voter, but I do. I’d say perhaps that it’s for the sport of it; but then, I’m not much of a sports fan, either. Oh, well; the mystery shall go unresolved. I must admit that the thought of the anguish and despair the Kerry sycophants must be feeling—indeed, feeling all…Read More

Done Deal

Though I called it myself over two hours ago, based on direct state polling, it's 2145 PST and Fox just called Ohio for Bush, giving him 266. Alaska, a shoo in at a 25-30% margin gives him 269, so all he needs to do is take Nevada--my home state of what has apparently become a domain of wimps--or New Mexico. There's a few other possibilities if either of those don't pan out.Read More

If You Voted, Shut Up!

Defending non-voting in bars across this great land, I often hear the ultimate "shut up"—that if you don't vote, you have no right to complain about politics or society. The reality is the exact opposite: By voting, you are playing a game whose rules are that the majority vote winner gets to control the reins of government, in all its unspeakable power. If you complain about the results of the game you chose to play,…Read More

I’m Too Incompetent to Vote

I've been asked no small number of times this year why I am not voting. There are a number of reasons why, none seemingly satisfying to those doing the asking. Voting is a form of theft by proxy. No takers. It's self debasing. Still no takers. Ok, how about I'm incompetent to decide your values for you? I think you should have a 100% say in the values you choose to pursue, how you choose…Read More

The Right Stuff

Of the many books I've read in my life, The Right Stuff remains as one of the most riveting. Its author, American novelist Tom Wolfe weighs in on the politics of our day in an interesting Guardian interview. So what is it about his liberal neighbors and fellow diners in his adoptive New York that Wolfe cannot abide? "I cannot stand the lock-step among everyone in my particular world. They all do the same thing,…Read More

Where Credit is Due

Did the bin Laden video surprise any of you in any way in particular? I pondered that thing every which way virtually all weekend. The most obvious initial reaction was that his implicit endorsement of Kerry was calculated to have the opposite effect with Americans, helping to ensure a Bush win and a continuation of the clash of civilizations that bin Laden has championed since before 9/11. But it seems to me that if he…Read More