The Entitlement Mindset

Radley Balko lays out comprehensively why I decided from day one not to enable comments on this blog. In addition, I almost never read the comments to posts on the blogs I visit regularly. I figure that if someone has anything to say about a post that’s really worth my time reading, they’ll generally post it to their own blog and perhaps ping a trackback. There are exceptions, of course. I’m also sure that readers who don’t themselves maintain a bog have important input concerning the content of the various blogs–It’s just that I don’t care that much about it.

I have always been mystified by people with an entitlement mentality. For myself, I’m just so overtaken when someone goes out of their way to do something that benefits me at no cost that the last thing in the world I’d think of doing is trying to impose, or worse, to show ungratefulness.

Here’s a pet peeve: invite someone to dinner and in return be presented a list of food preferences/dislikes. Where I come from, you eat what’s presented to you, even if you don’t like it, out of a common sense of gratitude and respect. It’s a meal, fer Chrissakes. Suck it up–and hey, if it’s bad enough, then come up with an excuse the next time you’re invited.

Richard Nikoley

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