Seeing Through the Illusion

So, I was shot a link to this NYT article via email. Let's see if I get this...2,100 janitors were each paid about $3.50 per hour with no overtime pay, vacation pay, sick pay, or benefits of any sort. They usually worked 7 days a week, during the middle of the night, and often put in 70+ hours per week. Not a one of them was smart enough to know they could have gotten a…Read More

The “Great Society”

(via Prestopundit) Then, this: The AARP Declares War on Younger Americans. That's too bad, because they might be interested in knowing that one of America's largest and most effective lobbying organizations has just declared war on them. The AARP has now decided that it's going to fight any effort by President Bush to privatize, even partially, that debacle known as Social Security. ... The time will come, though, when these people who today are preoccupied…Read More

The Right of Self Defense

The right to self defense, in principle, strikes me as perhaps the most universally understood of our rights. This is doubtless due to its "intuitive" nature: when someone smashes you in the face with a baseball bat, you've no doubt about your rights in the matter. On the other hand, in all but those cases where one is actually subject to attack, application of the right to self defense offers no bright-line rules. On top…Read More

Brainwashing, or Just Tribalism?

I received the text of an article via email entitled We're Brainwashed (Yup, Democrats, Too) by a young Emily Katz, which I subsequently located on We live in a time where everyone is entitled to their own point of view, however unsubstantiated it might be. And in such an era, it is not enough to make sound economic and philosophical arguments if people refuse to be receptive to them. Our problem is more foundational:…Read More

Minding Everyone Else’s Business

While I certainly hold that it's absolutely none of my business what substances sufficiently mature individuals choose to ingest, or in what quantities, I've also always thought that any genuine advocate of freedom (no, freedom) is stupid to make drug prohibition a central theme of their fight. How can I take someone seriously whose most important issue in life is their drugs? On the other hand, I can't help touching on the issue from time-to-time,…Read More

Looks Like Victory All Around; Yea

People have differing views of abortion but almost nobody approves of the holding in Roe and its companion case, Doe v. Bolton. Between them, those two cases and their progeny establish that abortion is a matter of no public concern under any circumstances. Whenever a woman and her abortionist agree that an abortion is indicated, nobody can constitutionally intervene. The rules we have are extreme. If the Supreme Court discarded them and restored to the…Read More

Illusionist Exposes an Illusion

I have long maintained that most of what I see in the area of "security," particularly as it concerns the gauntlet we all must endure each time we fly, is little more than an illusion meant to give people a sense of being safer without really effectively making them safer. In a world where beliefs and feelings often trump the reality of things, it's an "effective" government tool. I see it nearly everywhere. Penn Gillette,…Read More