I bought my first PC in 1990, an x386. I’ve owned many, many of them since then, and in my company, I generally move up to the fastest thing every few months and hand down my old one. In a Windows Server 2003 domain as we maintain, network PCs are easy to swap out while maintaining all the user’s settings and files. I’ve been running the same profile, moved from PC to PC in a few minutes over the LAN, for years and years.

I know PCs, and to a reasonable extent, the whole server thing as well (I used to be our IT manager, along with everything else, so I had no choice).

I don’t know Macs so well, but I manage. My wife Bea has one of the original iMacs (the purple grape colored one), as well as a PowerBook from school that she brings home. We actually have a pretty good home network. Her two Macs, and my desktop PC and Notebook all connected together. Both my notebook and her PowerBook have built-in wireless, so we can roam the house, and all four machines share the same DSL to the internet. The laser printer is connected to her desktop iMac and shared, so we can print to it from any machine, anywhere in the house.

For Bea’s birthday last September, I got her an iPod Mini. I liked it so much that she got me one for Christmas. The only downside is that I now have one huge project in ripping selected tracks from my 150+ CDs into iTunes.

Now there’s THIS! And if you haven’t been down to the local Apple store to see and drool over that new 20" iMac for $1,899.00, get on down and do that. That 20" iMac would still be my preference, but I’d love to have that Mac Mini just to play with.

I must say that I never thought Steve Jobs would bring Apple back to such an impressive and classy stature. Salute.

Richard Nikoley

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