Many, Many Logics

Billy Beck throws up an interesting entry about the logic that underlies the conclusions many people come to: The thing I was pointing to is a difference in why certain people conclude the things that they do. It's really an epistemic issue, rather than the sort of political implication that I think you just asked about. The Marxists don't, for instance, hold facts to be of serious value. To them, the first thing to know about how (not "what", but how) a person thinks is his class background. This is going to dictate his logic: the very rules of his thought. They really believe that the rules of thought are different for us, depending on our class background. This is what "polylogism" ("many logics") is all about. Let me present another, which is a derivative, really, of what Billy has identified above. The religious left sees everyone as God’s creations, each different and unique. Some are endowed with great abilities, while some get the shaft. Those without are helpless to do anything about it themselves. Consequently, it’s the duty of those with abilities to uplift those without abilities. That's the way to gain favor in the eyes of God. As...

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