Well, let me put it this way: Some people have been tossing these traffic camera "tickets" straight into the trash for quite a while now...just like some people have been tossing their jury summonses straight into the round file for as long as they can remember. Some people don't want to be willing accomplices to their own robbery or enslavement. And some people certainly don't want to help the state be more efficient in its…Read More

They’re Not the Only Ones

"The statement that the plaintiff is a 'Dumb Ass,' even first among 'Dumb Asses,' communicates no factual proposition susceptible of proof or refutation." That may be true, but I'd still say that trial judge Harry Tobias, who refused to toss this case and left that duty to the appellate court, is a Dumb Ass.Read More

On the Purpose of Civilization

There’s a new post up at Greg Swann’s place on the heels of our discussion of the Schiavo case (see here, which leads to all previous post on both sides). I think it’s probably no accident that Greg posted this now, though he doesn’t explicitly implicate Schiavo, et al. It’s an interesting argument, the barest gist of which, is: The purpose of civilization is to prevent rape, to make the world safe for women and…Read More

Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing Solutions): You Suck!

Oh, I know, your store front is always bright and shiny and fast. But become a pay-per-click advertiser and actually log in, and one is suddenly on the absolute most consistently slow, buggy, and intermittently inoperable major commercial website ever. E V E R ! It was like that a year ago, when I first began, and several hundred thousand ad-dollars later, it's just as bad. And, yes, I'm on a frame relay data circuit.…Read More

Schiavo; Take Two

Greg Swann kindly takes time out to reply to my last: ...but my view is that Richard's take falls apart because consent can only be expressed--or revoked--in real-time, not in advance. If I understand and am restating it accurately, Greg argues that you cannot rightly hold someone to something they have consented to in advance—if—either they revoke such consent later—or—are in a state where they are unable to affirm or revoke consent later. Assuming I've…Read More


Under an entry of the same title, Greg Swann comes forth with an argument that’s counter to mine (here and here) and other similar arguments. Greg knows that I take everything he writes very seriously, as well I do this piece. But, this time, I have to say that I think he’s wrong. To be clear, I don’t think anyone is wrong to prefer that Terri Schiavo remain incapacitated as she’s been for 15 years.…Read More

The TSA, Revisited

There's a new comment to this previous entry that really deserves to be quoted as an entry of it's own. Now, I realize that anecdotes can be made up. All I can say is that based upon my own first-hand experience, I have no particular reason to doubt any of this. I had a rude awakening only yesterday at the hands of the TSA. I have read your comments and could not agree more. I…Read More

Bye Bye

Bye Bye, my beloved Hummer H2. Bye bye..any thought of a hybrid in my future. It's too late for that. I must have one of these. First order of business: A drive down Market St. in San Francisco. I have the greatest time when I do that in the Hummer. Just imagine what fun it will be with one of those. Yippee!Read More

Cc: Richard Shencopp

To: Dave, my dear brother: Since you're Cc'd, I must assume that you have something to do with this illiterate's uninvited intrusion into my inbox (see below). Who is this? You know, I neither invited nor asked this "person" to read my blog. I'd certainly never invade his private afternoon with such a message to his private mailbox--to him personally--from out of the wild blue yonder--like--who and what the hell is this? At any rate,…Read More

Terry Golway of The New York Observer is an Idiot

Want proof? Read this article in The New York Observer. You know what? I don't think Terry Golway of The New York Observer is an idiot because he doesn't like the Hummer H2 or other SUVs. His likes and dislikes are his. I also don't think that Terry Golway of The New York Observer is an idiot because he likes the Toyota Prius and the other hybrids, and the new ones coming out. Hell... I'm…Read More

And Another Thing…

...regarding this. I've actually read the argument in several places that if, indeed, Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state, she doesn't know the difference between being "alive" or dead--and so why not just keep her alive for the sake of her parents and other family who are willing to see to her care? Are you able to see to the depths of that argument? It means that in spite of her wishes, and in…Read More


For those unaware, that title is an old Usenet and discussion list term. There's a whole lot of meaning wrapped up in it. Anyway, that's what I did with regard to the two talk-radio stations I listen to here in the Bay Area: KSFO and KNEW. I just can't take Terri Schiavo 24/7 any longer. Anyone remember Greg Kihn? Well, he's been the morning DJ of San Jose's classic rock station, KFOX, for quite a…Read More

Self Respect?

Is there anybody out there who can even begin to explain to me how such perverse shenanigans goes on in the plain light of day? I mean, far more than being an outrage on any number of levels, how do such people as these look at themselves in the mirror? It is beyond me. Is it possible that they are honestly unaware of just what sort of people they are? Or, is it that they…Read More

The Morons Have no Clothes

Each Thursday of the week I can expect to get an email from my dad forwarding John Stossel's weekly email, where he outlines the upcoming show--including his Give Me A Break! segment--and usually has a bunch of email reactions from the last episode of 20/20. Man, I'm sorry I missed the last one on the TV. In a segment called You Call That Art?, he got a bunch of 4-year-olds to create "modern-art masterpieces," and…Read More

Perception Test

Here's a simple, one-question test to judge what sort of perception you have (which is the nicest way I know how to put it, if you catch my drift). 1. Regarding the Congressional hearings over steroid use in baseball, these hearings are about: a. Preserving "our" game of baseball. b. Concern for the long-term health of "our" professional athletes playing "our" sport of baseball, as well as the competitive well-being of "our" non-steroid using athletes.…Read More

Blake, Peterson…OJ

From what I know of the facts in the Blake case, I never had a strong conviction that Blake did it (or was the puppet master), or didn't do it. And so, I'm satisfied. You see, my interest is in justice, and by that, I mean: justice. I could give fuck-all about any prosecutor's career, and I could give a shit about the political heat the Chief is taking--or the goddamned mayor for Jesus' sake.…Read More