Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing Solutions): You Suck!

Oh, I know, your store front is always bright and shiny and fast. But become a pay-per-click advertiser and actually log in, and one is suddenly on the absolute most consistently slow, buggy, and intermittently inoperable major commercial website ever. E V E R !

It was like that a year ago, when I first began, and several hundred thousand ad-dollars later, it’s just as bad. And, yes, I’m on a frame relay data circuit.

Too bad Google’s AdWords doesn’t deliver anywhere near the consumer-based traffic at cost that you seem to be able to do, ’cause their web interface is somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 times better than yours, I estimate.

C’mon, for the kind of money we’re paying you (and the service is effective), you ought to be able to put together a decent website that runs a lot faster.

Richard Nikoley

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