Billy Beck asks if anybody feels like laughing now. Well, since he asks, my answer is 'yes.' I'm also generally pleased when I see such things. Anybody can sue anyone for anything, so the fact that a lawsuit is being filed should be no surprise. Caterpillar won't settle such a case, because they know it's completely without merit. Most likely, the case will not survive the pre-trial motion to dismiss. From purely a legal standpoint,…Read More

You Go, Ron

In a follow-up to what I posted the other day, Reason's Ronald Bailey gives that loathsome lying commie Paul Ehrlich a good stiff kick in the teeth. You know, there's a point where an ideologue needs to stop, do a fact-check, and adjust his ideology accordingly. Ehrlich could perhaps be forgiven for the abject nonsense he published in 1968 had he come clean and admitted how woefully wrong he was. That he not only hasn't…Read More

European Inferiority

Kim du Toit nails it in a whole bunch of ways. Look, I lived in Japan for five years in the latter half of the '80s, when their economy was smokin' and Americans and Europeans were reading books about how the Japanese were conquering the world financially. Still, I knew a national inferiority complex when I saw it, and they had it. Then they found out how inferior they were when their economy went all…Read More

New World Record

Australian Jon Durand sets a new world record for distance in a hang glider, beginning with a foot launch from a hillside or mountain top. This was accomplished in Australia, where it's currently summertime, of course (you're going to need plenty of thermals). Try 496 kilometers in eight hours. That article is in the pilot's own words, so is quite interesting. The absolute distance record is 437.8 miles (704.6 km), and I believe was almost…Read More

Eating Meat

Go ahead and call it "consuming flesh," if you must... Well, I've had this little post by Keith Burgesss-Jackson marked to keep as new in Bloglines for one whole month, today, and so I decided it's time to finally take a bit of a swipe at it. Not too much of a swipe, really, because I have to say at the outset that even though I think Keith is a bit kooky on this score,…Read More

Make’s No Difference

Explaining it "the right way" isn't going to help you. Here's an amusing little editorial in the NYT (ha ha ha). I guess it's human nature. When your admonitions aren't accepted, the natural tendency is often to believe that those you're admonishing are either incapable of understanding, or that you've just not explained it the right way. You know, it's like commies who forever complain that we've never yet seen true communism. Once we do,…Read More

I Won’t Help You

Yea, it seems the FEC wants everyone's help 'round the Blogosphere in legitimizing their activities. Of course, bloggers everywhere are falling all over themselves to lend their hand in the charade. Well, not me, and though I seem to be in small company, it's good company. John Lopez proposes a far better letter to send to the FEC, assuming you're so inclined. Dear Sir or Madam: Others, some fifteen-hundred of them at the time of…Read More


A note to Martin McPhillips and Charles Krauthammer: I'm gratified that in spite of how intelligent and well-meaning some people are; in spite of how well they can express their views on a variety of issues; and in spite of how complex those issues can sometimes appear, they just don't matter much. There's a reason that abortion is here and here to stay for at least as long as contraceptive methods aren't effortless, free, and…Read More

Saving Everyone

Your mileage may vary, but I think my friend Billy Beck gets the better of National Review's Jonah Goldberg in this exchange. Of course, that could only be because he has a better grip on both the facts and reason.Read More

Art in Motion

Been orgnizing the garage over the last few days. I have to roll this baby out at the beginning of each session, then roll it back in. Even though I'm not on a ride at the time, it gives me significant pleasure nonetheless.Read More

Is it just me…

...or should we be hearing less about the Michael Jackson trial, and more about some giver of justice beating the parents of every kid that ever set foot in the Neverland Ranch, since 1993, to a bloody pulp (and then really hurting them)?Read More

More on Moore

I just hate knowing that so many people I know and care for, even loved-ones, were insane and foolish enough to be taken in by that lying sonofabitch. Michael Moore being shunned by the Oscars was certainly telling, but even more telling is what Moore's former manager (who fired Moore) is saying about him, as documented in this San Francisco Examiner piece by Kathleen Antrim. Yes, Moore [is] now getting less. Good. "Michael Moore makes…Read More

Inventors of the Mind

Today, on Victor Davis Hanson's website, Bruce Thornton has the transcript of a speech he recently gave to the Tsakopolous Hellenic Foundation. It's called Defending the Greeks, and to say that I recommend taking the time to read it is an understatement. Here's just a few of many, many highlights. When asked to define the achievement of the Greeks, we usually list the intellectual, artistic, and political equipment we have inherited from them: philosophy, history,…Read More

Don’t Ever Let Them Off the Hook

Look, I’m not naïve or self-deluded enough to revel in ecstasy over the leading indicators that show the middle east apparently moving toward more democratic governments, over there. At the same time, I’m not going to deny that these new bands of thieves will be marginally better for just about everyone than the bands of thieves and murderers who have preceded them over the centuries, should this all come to pass as it now looks…Read More

Fraud of the Conservatives

I've said this before and beforer: the Republican Party, and many "conservatives," in particular, are a bunch of frauds. If you don't see that, then read at the two links I just referenced. If you still don't see it, then you've got your head in the sand (or, someplace altogether darker and far more unpleasant). Now, before I get alot of damned "preach-it-brother" comments and emails from people who don't know me, that's just the…Read More

Natural Rights: Do They Exist?

Yes, but not how you think Sometimes, even very smart people can be thoroughly convinced of the veracity of some position they hold…right up to the moment where they suddenly become not so sure. For an example, see this post and comments over on the QandO Blog. The comments are extensive, but what they reveal is that those arguing that natural rights do not exist were initially arguing against a bad formulation of their own…Read More

Human Destinies – Part 2

Preface: This entry encompasses an almost unimaginable scope. Please bear with me and read the whole thing if you can. I don’t make such a request routinely. I’m going to give my own view of what I think is next that changes everything, but it will take me a while to get there. Thanks to Greg Swan and Kyle Bennett who provided input into the final draft (which doesn’t mean they necessarily agree with everything).…Read More

Human Destinies

This is surely nothing new to the world, but as I was walking the dog this morning, I was thinking about humanity from the widest perspective possible. For lack of a better term that might present itself later, I’m calling it Human Destinies. There’s a point to that. I speculate that we must either achieve our Destinies, or it means we’ve destroyed ourselves. To put it another way, I speculate that achieving such Destinies could…Read More

Tried by Fire

Billy Beck has latched onto a tiny bit in an email I sent that alluded to how we’re sometimes condemned on the sole basis of the guttural language we sometimes resort to. He’s also drawn Martin McPhillips into it. To get what I'm going to get at, you really need to read both references, including the comments to McPhillips' entry. I spoke peripherally to this issue in a recent entry, which, not so curiously, also…Read More