Relative Stupidity

Dale Franks does a nice (and suitably humorous) job with this David Gelernter piece in the LA Times. But at a point, I have to ask: don't the democrat politicians have a point? I mean, they're the ones proclaiming over and over again that democrats, their voters, their very base of support are just too stupid when it comes to politics and many aspects of self-responsibility in living. You know what? I believe them. Of…Read More


Word is, a bunch of us are now referred to as "paleolibertarians." See here for background. Well, whatever. There is one of two possibilities for the Neo-Libertarians: Utter and complete failure. Success, but with no discernible essential difference from the status quo. The current political system cannot be reformed. It never has been and it never will be. Political systems collapse (of their own weight or revolution) and are replaced with completely different ones. They…Read More


Well, I finally got off my ass and set up a custom domain. This blog can now be reached via: In another day, I should have simply working as well. Been a while since I messed with DNS, and what I thought would do the trick...didn't. The old URL ( still works as well, so all linkage to posts here will continue to function just fine.Read More

Much Ado About Nothing

I'd say that's pretty much the take of Ed Rasimus concerning The Pledge of Allegiance. Ed's a former Air Force fighter pilot during Vietnam and author of When Thunder Rolled, a combat memoir. I digress, but I'm gonna have to get hold of that book: Riveting stories of aerial combat over Vietnam and candid commentary on the doomed Rolling Thunder campaign Ed Rasimus straps the reader into the cockpit of an F-105 Thunderchief fighter-bomber, hurtling…Read More

They Don’t Call it FREE Flight for Nuthin’

We often refer to hang gliding as "free flight" because of the fact that we can fly for hours and go for many miles without any power source other than the heating provided by the sun beating against the ground and the gravity that creates our glide. But lots of us like the term for other reasons. Hang gliding--unlike just about every other facet of everyone's life--is unregulated by government. That's right. The FAA does…Read More

Rest Easy…

...I know I will, now that they're locking up an 18-year old cocksucker for the next 17 years. I keep waiting to read of a judge who takes a moral stand and steps down from the bench rather than handing down such a sentence. (link: Balko) Update: For those who don't "get it" (which is understandable), my use of the term "cocksucker" to describe the victim, here, is a mere expression of anger over the…Read More

More Idiocy, Indeed

Martin McPhillips, whom I often cite here, is a great and intelligent new (I can say that: I've been at it more than a year) blogger. He's an awesome writer--far, far better than I. But man: Schiavo, combined with Easter Sunday, combined with the Pope, and I just can't take this religious integration anymore without comment. So here he takes on evolution vs. intelligent design. Wow. Can he really believe this? If you care to,…Read More

Consistency: It’s Too Much To Ask

I don't believe I've ever posted to this blog on the subject of immigration. "Illegal" is just a sneer with no basis in reality, which should give you some clue as to my position on the issue. In short, the goodness of the individual is all that matters, and really, that's assuming I give any credence to borders, which I generally don't. If you want to abstract out the essentials of that which is in…Read More

Knock It Off

I was enjoying Radley's fine article in Forbes, when towards the end, I come across this: Nanny statists are probably well intentioned, yet they're obsessed with the number of lives this bill or that regulation might save. But a shorter life well lived is far preferable to a long, bland life lived solely to keep from dying. Of course, that's just this writer's opinion. Now, I've been accused of being a softy with regard to…Read More

Carnival of Useful Idiots

If you're a regular reader, you no doubt already know that people like Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore are morons of breathtaking proportions. But if you didn't know that, or, wish to laugh (or cry) by means of a refresher, then read this account of Diaz's MTV series Trippin. Yea, nothing like the "profound enlightened insight" gained from crapping in the woods, living in huts made of cow shit, and living amongst people whose newborns…Read More

Let’s Not Get Silly, Now

Yea, with regard to this silly thing. What hilarity, huh? How ri-di-cu-lous. Those people are kooks of the first order. Don't they know that the way to redemption is through trusting that a dead guy who lived 2,000 years ago, was killed, rose from the dead, ascended to heaven, and built a mansion for each and every one of you (while currently seeing to its upkeep) will personally see to your arrival in heaven, where,…Read More

Google Desktop and Desktop Extreme

You're an idiot if you don't put both on your computer immediately. Can't believe I waited so long. Amazing. Turned my user profile, which I began on a Win2000 beta machine back in 1999 and have taken with me to every new machine since, into an easily accessed archive of gigantic proportions, even to include all emails. Every damn email and file, and everything in them is indexed, and every search I've tried is virtually…Read More

The Root of the Root

All values come from business. Heresy, right? Think again. It's true. It's Uncommon Sense. Are you taken aback? Understandable. Do you understand what values are? To an extent, I'll grant you. You probably do--to an extent. Do you understand what business is? No, probably not, at least not in the widest, metaphysical sense of the concept. Languish about. One in 10,000 might get it. ...And that's good enough for me--for now.Read More


...illuminates what happens when manifest cannibals gather around the "community" soup-kettle. [...] He stands on his enemies' premise, complaining that he's got enemies. [...] It was a society before lumpen-Eloi had been taught that everything was theirs because nothing was anybody's. [...] Anyone who is surprised or mystified at this is a goddamned moron. Here's the whole thing.Read More

“Divine Performer”

So yesterday afternoon I'm sitting down to watch a little TV...and I pop up Tivo's play list and notice about 3 or 4 episodes of Oprah that my wife believes need to be saved. So I start piling on shit about her filling up "my" hard drive with "Doprah" crap. Then she says that I "need" to watch a segment of one episode. Turns out it's Simon Cowell of American Idol fame; so I say:…Read More

Along for the Ride

Regular readers who also delve into the comments will have noticed that one of this blog's most valuable contributors is Kyle Bennett. I wasn't aware, but Kyle also has a blog. Though it looks like he hasn't done a lot with it lately, his latest entry reveals that he may have found just the inspiration he's been looking for. It's an important post that merits your attention. Of note: ...politics, libertarian or otherwise, is most…Read More

My Absence

Regular readers (thank you so much) of this blog have noticed a drop in prolificacy. I'm sorry. I'm up to my ass in alligators, at the moment. For one, I've scorched to earth and rebuilt my sales department twice in the past year (well, I didn't get it right the first time). Six months ago, I hired the best employee I've ever hired, and frankly, I should give him my job (he's that good). He…Read More

Because We Can

I read with rather intense interest this City Journal piece by Theodore Dalrymple, The Frivolity of Evil. Also very interesting was Wretchard's thorough take on it, as well as Billy Beck's. I think that a lot of what I'd have to say about it would overlap what's already been written. On the other hand... Among other things, Beck says: makes no sense to pose good and evil as mutually exclusive in human nature without…Read More

Losing is Losing

You want to hear a real horror? I started a company in 1993 that has served thousands of clients, now employs 30 people, and is largely unregulated. There are no federal or state laws that specifically contemplate my business model, which seeks to provide a creative, sensible, win-win alternative to bankruptcy*. Isn't that awful? We are actually pretentious enough that we would dare to operate and build businesses without the prior stamp of approval from…Read More