Dick Morris Scolds the Stupid Party

First things first. I don’t know if he coined the term, but I’m ripping off Kim du Toit with that name for the Republican Party.

Next, go read Dick Morris’ piece. The gist:

But with Schiavo, there is no fetus. There is just Terri. And when we put ourselves in her place, more than 80 percent of us think we would want to die. To be told that we must linger in a non-life because of the dictates of a governor wedded to the religious right and a Congress in the grip of ideologically driven leaders seems to the vast majority of us a level of government interference we find too intrusive to tolerate.

[emphasis added]

I came across that via Bruce McQuain, who really does a thoughtful workup, including some of his own personal experiences. He’s dead on, and I seriously mean no pun. I’ve had both of my grandmothers die in the last few years. With the first, it was simply a matter of shutting down the respirator. For the second, it was restriction of nutrition, but she had been alert enough to demand that for herself. I cannot imagine what it would have been like if some whacked family member in denial had irrationally fought what was necessary to do, or far worse, someone from the Stupid Party had shown up to "stand up for life," along with some petulant "Shiite Christian" in tow.

Jesus Effin’ Christ.

There is nothing in which government intervention is more unwelcome than the dying process. Having gone through it fairly recently, I remember it as an intensely personal and emotional point in time when as a family we had to make some seemingly horrific but necessary decisions.

The last thing I or my family wanted or needed were people or institutions outside the family second guessing our decisions based on their interpretation of morality.

So I share Morris’s discomfort and sense of irony when upon review of the Schiavo case you realize that the party who describes itself as the party of smaller and less intrusive government ran "screaming in the other direction" when called upon to practice what they preach.

Yea, Bruce, as they usually do.

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