Much Ado About Nothing

I’d say that’s pretty much the take of Ed Rasimus concerning The Pledge of Allegiance. Ed’s a former Air Force fighter pilot during Vietnam and author of When Thunder Rolled, a combat memoir. I digress, but I’m gonna have to get hold of that book:

Riveting stories of aerial combat over Vietnam and candid commentary on
the doomed Rolling Thunder campaign Ed Rasimus straps the reader into
the cockpit of an F-105 Thunderchief fighter-bomber, hurtling through
the MiG-filled skies over North Vietnam, and then fast and low into the
teeth of the enemy’s ferocious air defenses—with less than a 50-50
chance of surviving. The most engaging writing ever published about the
Rolling Thunder campaign and the war in the North, When Thunder Rolled
balances fist-gnawing action with the horror and sorrow of modern
aerial combat.

More than 300 F-105s were lost in the campaign
because the Air Force brought the wrong strategy, disastrous tactics,
and an ill-suited aircraft. A Cold War nuke sled, the Thunderchief was
as much the pilots’ enemy as the North Vietnamese and LBJ’s war
planners. Rasimus spares none of the outrage he experienced 35 years
ago in this astute, surgical strike on Washington’s deadly arrogance
and inflexibility.

The first account by a junior officer serving
at the height of the campaign, the book breaks the unspoken vow of
secrecy surrounding a new pilot’s psychological gauntlet of fear. It’s
a moving testament to those who survived and those who paid the price
of honor.

Anyway, this was my take on the Pledge way back when.

(link: Beck)

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