“Out of Office”

I just landed in Chicago for a 3-day conference. Get back to the SF Bay Area Sunday evening. Don't know if I'll be able to blog anything or attend to comments.Read More

If you want to know…

...what I mean when I say that we live in a thoroughly and completely Upside-Down World, well, then now you know. I don't know what the vote was, but no matter; the Connecticut Supreme Court is welcome to rot in hell as far as I'm concerned.Read More

Policing the State

Well, Radley, I can only say that it seems a far easier task to me, if one is to set about it, to kill a "right" when all one can say about it is that it's written down in an old, albeit distinguished document. Far tougher to kill a moral principle, if you catch my drift. 'Course, that's not about to stop them, either.Read More

Trouble in Paradise

I'll try to make this post concise and self-sufficient, but there's quite a lot of background material. Ideally, you'll be able to read just this and have a good idea of the thing. If it interests you and you have the time, I encourage you to delve through the background links. Here's the background, roughly in chronological order: Billy Beck becomes the first to note that the new journal The New Libertarian and its NeoLibertarian…Read More

Digital Madness

Prepared to be impressed? Here's my home office network, which I've been messing with since yesterday morning's activities (see the previous entry). Excuse the mess, but when you're head deep in this sort of stuff... Starting from the left rear, that's my Sony Vaio Digital Studio, and to the right, that's a new HP Digital Studio that I just got for Bea yesterday to replace her iMac that's sitting right there in the center. Yes,…Read More

This & That

It's 9:00 am on this Saturday morning, and I've already taken both cars down to the car wash and secured myself a spring (short) haircut. The only downside was having to sit in the barber's chair listening to the ignorant banality spewing forth on every topic from steroids in baseball to health care and retirement plans. Jesus. One funny note, though. Had a home-improvement show on the radio, and no shit, I heard this slogan…Read More

I’m Sorry, But…

I'm likely to catch shit over this, but I have to maintain my integrity, and by implication, there's certain things that have to be posted here in spite of how unenvious I am of doing so. I cannot morn the apparent near-term passing of Pope John-Paul II. At least not in the sense of his office, anyway. I don't know his heart, of course, but I am automatically suspicious of all authoritarians, and the Roman…Read More

Dick Morris Scolds the Stupid Party

First things first. I don't know if he coined the term, but I'm ripping off Kim du Toit with that name for the Republican Party. Next, go read Dick Morris' piece. The gist: But with Schiavo, there is no fetus. There is just Terri. And when we put ourselves in her place, more than 80 percent of us think we would want to die. To be told that we must linger in a non-life because…Read More