Relative Stupidity

Dale Franks does a nice (and suitably humorous) job with this David Gelernter piece in the LA Times. But at a point, I have to ask: don't the democrat politicians have a point? I mean, they're the ones proclaiming over and over again that democrats, their voters, their very base of support are just too stupid when it comes to politics and many aspects of self-responsibility in living. You know what? I believe them. Of course, I know lots of democrats who are perfectly able to conduct their lives in a self-responsible, self-sufficient, upstanding manner. But whenever I engage such people in discussions over politics or basic logic, I nearly always experience breathtaking ignoranc--at so many levels. It's mostly manifest in an astonishing degree of ignorance about history, civilization, enlightenment, industry, capitalism, and so on. In other words, these are people who act as though they were just dropped off on Theme-Park Earth, but have no idea in the Universe how any of this came to be, or how any of it works. And if that isn't enough, then how about the fact that you don't see any rank-&-file democrats objecting to the way they are being portrayed and characterized...

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Richard Nikoley

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