Lesson #3 / 1.2 hrs. logged / 3.2 hrs. total

Whereas the last lesson was weather conditions unstable with winds out of the north, today is pre-frontal with at least 15 kts. out of the south. So, different takeoff direction. It’ll be 13 Right today. Amazing how forgiving those Citabrias really are, ’cause I was all over the runway on takeoff. Humbling, but that’s just what I needed.

Low ceiling today, so we went to a training area where we could do some air work close to the ground, about 800-1000 ft. AGL. With the high winds, it was a good time to practice maneuvers using ground reference points. Of course, you’re up in with the winds, so if you want to fly straight over a roadway, for example, you’ve got to compensate, especially if the winds are directly abreast. Flying a constant circle around a tree in the center of a field requires a swallow bank when turning into the wind and going upwind, and a steeper bank when turning downwind and flying downwind in order to carve a relatively uniform circle. All-in-all, the air work went well. I’m beginning to relax more and get the touch. Often, I try to fly with the stick just between my thumb and forefinger. Light touch, when possible.

Then it was back to the airport flying a right patter for landing at 13R. Awful. Flared too early and came down pretty hard on the tail wheel. That’s going to require a lot of practice.

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