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I’ve got a ton of projects going, including advanced planning for three (or is it four?) new business ventures. Plus, I’m taking lessons for my private pilot certificate, and that requires a certain amount of attention. Once I began thinking about the pilot thing, I began thinking about buying an airplane, and perhaps, even building an airplane. That’s something I’ve always had in mind to do–someday.

Perhaps something like this. 230 mph cruise speed is, well, remarkable for a small aircraft that hauls 4 people. Or, perhaps an older factory model, like this 6-seater Piper Lance. Not bad looking for 29 years old, is it?

Anyway, all dreams that require being made reality at this point, and that’s going to require focus and working smart.

I’m headed to New Orleans tomorrow morning for a conference. Back Friday. That and the busyness probably means light blogging for a while.

Richard Nikoley

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