Dear John:

John gets mail from his 20/20 segment last week on the bogus "wage gap." Really, more issues ought to be aired in this way. Just let idiots blather away. One thing I like is that it tends to cut through the that’s-your-point-of-view crap. Listen: if you believe there is a real wage gap between men and women, for equivalent work, then you’re either ignorant, or too stupid to understand a complex set of facts.

At any rate, just so we’re clear, I wouldn’t mind it if there was a "wage gap," on either side. I also don’t care if you want to pay whites more than blacks, or blacks more than whites, etc. You can demand that your secretary comes to work nude (male or female), for all I care. See, I believe in freedom, the sort that extends to one’s property, including the businesses they own. You’re not obligated to associate.

"I can’t believe what I just watched on your 20/20 segment tonight about
women’s wages! It’s like having you get on television and say there is no such
thing as racial discrimination." Lynn Butler

"Dear John, Your smug, indifferent attitude in reference to working American
women will be the reason I never watch 20/20 again." Christi Amato

"That was the best, most honest piece I have seen in a long time. I’m so glad
someone had the guts to state the obvious! Great Job! However you should have
touched on the fact that women take more time off for pregnancy, etc and that
women live longer and receive more pension as a result. Both these factual
statistical occurrences will cost any company more $." Chuck Langpaul

"Even though I am a woman, I think your report was excellent…I may not
always agree with what you say, but this one I do." Good job, Bobbie Blaylock,
Houston, Texas

"Hi John, Thank you for airing this story…I’ve always enjoyed your specials
and would highly recommend that you consider this topic worthy of more
exploration." Graham Collins, Vancouver, BC

"I couldn’t even finish watching it because I was so outraged at how idiotic
you are. You stated that men are more likely to work 3 hours longer than most
women. Could that be because we are expected to stop working at our job and go
home to our second job of taking care of the kids, laundry, cooking, cleaning
and being a taxi service to our children? Is that because we wanted to stop
working to do all of these things or is it because we knew we couldn’t depend on
our ‘men’ to take care of these things?" Erin Kaminski, Ft. Worth TX

"I have one thing to say about your report — MEN ARE PIGS and you take the
cake if you think pay is equitable." Debbie Ammentorp

"Not only are you a conservative white male, but you are also very stupid…
Give me a break!" Gaye R. Hudson

"You are such a corporate apologist, you make me sick. I have made more money
for companies for less than the lackies who sit on their fat male asses than can
be counted…Of course, you will ignore this email…Patti Lee-crawford, Aurora,

"I have watched you grow increasingly bitter and angry over the years. It’s
apparent in your demeanor, your reporting and even in your face. The tone of
your skin…you losing your hair, the wrinkles in your face. It all spells
anger, resentment and bitterness in my mind. Who knew why? Who cared why, as
long as your reporting was ‘balanced and fair’. But tonight tore it for me. I
have an MBA and I KNOW that women get paid less than men…Palatine, Illinois

"I am a man who virtually always votes Democratic and is on the ‘liberal’
side of issues the good majority of the time. Maybe you will get a lot of
hostile e-mail generated by tonight’s report on why men earn more. Sometimes
that’s the price of telling the truth and making sense. Men who do the things it
takes to ‘get ahead,’ who make sacrifices to earn more, often with their
families in mind, sometimes seeing women promoted ahead of them for reasons
having nothing to do with merit, are tired of being told that women make X
number of cents for every dollar they make — especially when all of us know
women who dropped out of the workplace, dropped to part-time hours, chose more
fulfilling career options, etc., knowing full well the financial cost at the
time. Every time a woman tells me she’s quitting work or cutting down her hours
to be with the family, I hear a "ka-ching" sound that tells me that they’ve just
fed into that so-called wage gap statistic…Congratulations and thank you"
Warren Gray, Lynch, Kentucky

"I’d like to expand on Your Give Me A Break piece last night on the supposed
gender gap in earnings, from a Canadian perspective. We’re constantly assaulted
with the same allegations about wage differences…How could there be a fair
comparison of the duties of a librarian to a plumber when the studies did not
look at mortality rates and long-term disabilities of many male occupations? If
you think that the Ontario government now has a complex and bureaucratic
gender-aware process, you would not believe that of the federal government.
Almost as complex as our notorious language laws!" Ted Hitsman, Merrickville

"Dear John: Thanks for the great segment on 20/20 tonight debunking that
persistent wage gap myth. The idea that you can compare the wages received by
all men and all women and then declare it’s due to discrimination against women
is ridiculous…When Hillary Clinton and her feminist extremists stand up for
equal rights for men and fathers in divorce cases, I’ll be convinced they’re
truly for equality. Of course, you never hear a peep out of them about this
ongoing discrimination. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!" Lisa Scott,
Attorney, Bellevue, WA

Richard Nikoley

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  1. spiritdancerq on June 6, 2005 at 08:11

    Personally I thought his report was highly inaccurate and reported in such a way as to attempt to support his false supposition…

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