Do I Really Need to Say…

It was a great country we had here once. But every day, in so many
ways, we’re losing every one of the liberties the founders bequeathed
to us. We are in the process of building the same system the Europeans
have: A system where the limits to acceptable political debate are
severely circumscribed, and political elites make every possible
decision they can, while granting us an increasingly meaningless
fiction of democracy.

And this is happening, by the way, uncer a Republican
administration. McCain-Feingold was sponsored primarily by a Republican
senator, passed into law by a Republican President, and upheld by a
Supreme Court whose justices were primarily appointed by Republicans.
So much for Republicans being the party of "Smaller government". So
much for Ronald Reagan’s "Government isn’t the solution to the problem;
Government is the problem". No, now it’s "When people is
hurting, government must act." That’s the regime under George Bush’s
"compassionate conservatism".

…No shit! Where have you been?

By the way, democracy is a fiction of freedom.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Billy Beck on June 13, 2005 at 21:16

    For this sort of thing, we need a "New Libertarian"?


    That place is one of the hokiest things online these days. That's just sad. What's alarming is how relatively popular it is.

  2. Billy Beck on June 14, 2005 at 01:09

    And I didn't read your blog past "Fidel Castro".

    You're a goddamned idiot.

  3. Meesher on June 13, 2005 at 22:53

    "The liberties the founders bequeathed to us." Smiling benefactors, grateful servants, Divine Right, kindly rich whites lifting up the poor and the heathens, that sort of thing? Didn't the founders themselves recognize that everyone is born with those liberties? Sorry if this isn't the topic of the post; I couldn't read past that line.

  4. Kyle Bennett on June 17, 2005 at 12:06


    I think he was calling you a goddamn idiot for the fact that you hold out Fidel as a hero, along with the snide points that were the real purpose of your comment, to which the grudging acceptance of personal liberties was just an expedient to try to manufacture credibility. I concur with him, though I would add to the argument the remainder of your blog, which I did read (first page), and which is no less idiotic.

  5. Richard Nikoley on June 17, 2005 at 13:25


    Sometimes it's just too many idiots, too little time. Where were you when guys like us were writing thousands and thousands of pages of argument in counter to commie bullshit on Usenet 10 and more years ago?

    See, we've seen it all–a million times. If your mind is open, that's good, but don't expect everyone out there to take advantage of the opportunity it presents. Some of us are just weary. There are plenty of others taking their turn at being patient. I'm done.

  6. filiusbloggeri on June 17, 2005 at 08:09

    Which Europeans are you talking about?

  7. Meesher on June 17, 2005 at 11:37

    All I'm saying is that I don't think personal freedoms were actually a gift from the "founders." I don't think that's any reason for you to start cursing at a child. Debate the point or concede that you made a mistake, but there's no need to attack me just because I'm trying to clarify the origins of our liberties.

  8. Meesher on June 17, 2005 at 13:09

    If anything I said came off as snide I sincerely apologize. Again, however, the word "idiotic" is not in itself an argument. If there is a point you would like to debate, on the origins of personal freedoms, Cuba, or the rest of my blog, then do so. I just don't see why either of you must tar me as an "idiot" without explanation or justification. I'm willing to have a reasonable debate; you'll see in the comments on my post "Sorry" that, although I disagree with Craig Harmon, I have tried to actually counter points that he made, rather than attacking him. I even tried to defend him from an ad hominem attack by a third party. If I'm shown to be wrong I'll admit it, but I can't do so until you make an argument that isn't juvenile name-calling.

  9. John Lopez on June 17, 2005 at 17:56

    "If there is a point you would like to debate,…"

    Not with you. You're a fucking moron.

    Also note (Yes, inlookers, this is just wasted effort. But bear wif' me, willya?) that Beck, etc. aren't engaging in ad hominem. Ad hominem is "Meesher's a Commie dirt-brain, and thus his arguments are wrong."

    Calling you a fucking moron (which you are) isn't any sort of argument, thus *can't* be ad hominem. It's just abuse.

    Also note that appeals from pity ("cursing at a child…") carry no water here. If you aren't a big enough boy to handle things, then you need to unass the 'net about right now. That last point especially ought to need no explanation, so you're doubly confirmed as a moron.

    Like Richard noted, there's only so much satisfaction one can get from nailing Jello to the wall.

  10. windwaker on June 18, 2005 at 19:56

    I guess 1984 wasn't delayed as long as we thought it would be.

  11. Meesher on June 24, 2005 at 17:27

    Richard, if you directed me to some of your previous writings that would be fine. I'm not asking for an epic poem, just give me a link to your thousands of pages of argument.
    John, asking that one not be cursed at is, I think, a reasonable request, whatever age I am. I have never cursed at you nor done anything intended to insult you, so I'm not sure why I'm being abused at all, ad hominem or not. I am big enough to handle it, I just don't see the point.
    When Richard points me to some of his works I shall read them and perhaps be convinced. But even if I do switch my political beliefs I will never attack someone who quite innocently wanted to express his belief that we were "endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights." That minor correction was my only reason for commenting on this weblog. I had no intention of starting a comment battle or of upsetting anyone, which I unfortunately must have done judging by the number of curses directed at me. I am completely sincere in my apology, as I am completely serious in my desire to read what Richard has written (not thousands of pages, please, I do work full time. Hundreds will do).

  12. John Lopez on June 24, 2005 at 21:26

    "John, asking that one not be cursed at is, I think, a reasonable request, whatever age I am."

    Um, no. Actually I think I'll use whatever tone I judge works best for purposes (which, note carefully, don't consist of convincing much of anyone of much of anything at all. Them as can, will. Them as can't, well, they're best weeded as expediently as possible.)

    "When Richard points me to some of his works I shall read them and perhaps be convinced. "


    Yeah, I'm sure that Richard Nikoley has nothing better to do than to point you to the menu bar to your left. That'd be that <— way. Left to right, top to bottom, words, sentences, phrases, concepts. Try not to hurt yourself.

  13. Meesher on June 25, 2005 at 18:57

    You'll forgive my contradicting you John, but I see nothing that says "thousands and thousands of pages on Usenet" in the menu bar to my left. You see, Richard has been doing this 10 and more years, but the archives on this page only go back to September of last year. Also, I don't see a category for counter-Communism, which is what I'm searching for and apparently comprises the main body of Richard's work.
    I respect your right to use whatever "tone" you like, John. It's just that your "tone" seems to consist of addressing me in the anonymity of cyberspace with words that would leave you with a fight on your hands if you used them to my face. There is of course nothing I can about that, and I'm not particularly bothered by it. I hope your tone is successful in achieving your purposes.
    I'm trying my hardest not to hurt myself, believe me, but the practice seems to work against my being "weeded expediently."

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