Flight Training Report / Solo

It began six weeks ago with this entry on May 13.

Today, I soloed in a Citabria 7ECA (N5032G) after completing exactly 16.7 hours of instruction. Three takeoffs, three landings. It’s generally considered a success when your number of landings precisely equal your number of takeoffs, which is always my primary objective.

I actually should/would have soloed last Friday, within an hour of receiving my medical clearance and student pilot certificate, and at exactly 15.1 hours of instruction. But the cross winds were too strong at 10 to 15 kts at 90 degrees, and sometimes even quartering–so, takeoff and landing with a cross wind and tail wind component. Not first-solo material, so I went up with the instructor, and instead, greatly enhanced my confidence. I’m really starting to master the side slip for both positioning on center-line for final, or holding on center-line in a cross wind situation.

Now we begin cross country training where things start to really get fun.


Richard Nikoley

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  1. Kyle Bennett on June 29, 2005 at 18:49


    I think cross-country to Tucson would be just the right distance. We'd be happy to pick you up at the airport.


  2. Richard Nikoley on June 30, 2005 at 03:52

    That would sure be a trip.

  3. Greg Swann on June 30, 2005 at 08:15

    Phoenix, too. You could fly into Goodyear airport and I could take you to see houses that are up 50%, 600%+ cash-on-cash, since you first broached the subject of investing here.

    Seriously, congratulations! Celebrating personal profits is much more precious, I think, than lamenting collective losses.

  4. Walter E. Wallis on June 30, 2005 at 11:29

    Your first slip is memorable.

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