In an earlier post, today, I get called to task in the comments by my most excellent friends, Billy Beck and Kyle Bennett, for stating that the indoctrination students receive in public schools (enviro-silliness, fear-mongering, politicized "science", submission to self-appointed "authorities", etc.) is "small potatoes". All of this happens--of course, and unsurprisingly--but is such problem any more serious than any of the other rot we as individualists must endure on a daily basis? Kyle comments:…Read More

Cosmic Corruption

Of the millions of ways the government missuses, squanders, wastes money, the space program is one of those things I generally just shut up about. Yes, it's all the same theft--parasites sucking money from you and me in order to finance their values--but there are a million ways in which the state does harm beyond even the fact of the theft, and it's not obvious to me that the space program is one of those.…Read More

There She Goes

Well, signs went up today on our beautiful home in Willow Glen. See here. It's tough. It was a dump with promising features when Bea & I purchased it in January of 1999 and I met the Realtor to pick up the keys with a crowbar in hand to knock out a kitchen / dining room wall to create a great room. My brother and & set beams and a column the next day, and…Read More

Is The American Dream Killing You?

Not me, it isn't. Then again, the American Dream, to me, is about the freedom to pursue things I love. It's not about material wealth, per se. And, to the extent it is about wealth, it's far more about the process of creating it than actually having it. Anyway, the guy who's been pretty much my best friend since we met as Navy officers in 1988 is just on the verge of having his second…Read More

“Only” 365

That's miles, not days in the year. It's how many miles my friend Davis Straub (author of the "Windows [...] Secrets" series of books) flew in a hang-glider on Tuesday--half way across the state of Texas. This isn't him (another friend), but it's the same wing (ATOS VR) and how he'd be looking in flight gear. It's "only" 365 because he flew 427 miles in 2001 from the same place. Go read his flight report.Read More

…Javelin On The Move

Once considered by some to be a sleeper, at best, in the VLJ market, Aviation Technology Group's Javelin, a fighter-like two-place twinjet, has been piling up orders as it gets its prototype ready for its first flight. The company has also hired veteran Cessna exec Charlie Johnson as chief operating officer to guide the project through certification. Johnson took 20 Cessnas through the process and told a news conference on Tuesday he's excited about the…Read More

VDH: Cutting Through the Bullshit

If you only read one person regarding geopolitical affairs in the age of Islamic terror, make it war historian Victor Davis Hanson. See, history is a very complex subject, and in that, nearly everyone possesses a certain myopia. All the facts are there--they really are--to be connected into what forms a pretty clear picture. Here are some excerpts from VDH's most recent: First the terrorists of the Middle East went after the Israelis. From 1967…Read More

Flight Report

Well, as I'd mentioned in my last report: Monday, we're taking out the much faster Cessna 172 for a longer cross country to the northeast. RHV to RIU; on to CPU; then a 10 mile detour to overfly my cabin in Arnold; on to O22; then E45; on to MOD; and than back home. This was last Monday when I, my instructor Jim, and my wife Bea all piled into the C172. Started from Reid-Hillview…Read More

You Can’t Legislate Value

I've run an email discussion list for many years for people and businesses within the industry I work, which is the voluntary and mutual settlement of unsecured debts in hardship situations (think of it as a bankruptcy alternative). What follows is a post from this morning, and my response. ...wouldn't it be nice if we could get a law on the books where: ...If a creditor has a client in a particular state, then that…Read More

Complete Silliness

That's me, right here: Yea, always wanted to try the multiple monitors on a single computer thing, so when we recently downsized the sales team a bit, we had some extras. Setup is easy with Win XP. My existing video card had both DVI and VGA outputs, and the Sony in the center uses DVI. So, just popped in a second VGA card and we're done. I took the picture with my Treo 650 phone…Read More


Greg Swann makes some nice comments with regard to my pursuit of a pilot certificate. Then, in what might be too esoteric a discussion for some (but doesn't bother me), he suggests that the way airspace has been allocated constitutes a theft (broadcasting, too). I'm not sure I would go that far, at least as a general statement. For instance, while it's clear that buzzing someone's house, or flying only a few hundred feet above…Read More

Oops; Let One Slip

"It comes down to them being defiant," Reynolds said. Indeed. So it's not really about "health," presumed rights of non-smokers, "second-hand smoke," or any of those other manipulative lies ginned up for the consumption of morons (most people). As concerns the state, it always comes down to compliance and defiance. Compliance makes you a good citizen; defiance, an enemy of the state. Now, how long have I been telling you that the state is about…Read More

Flying and More Flying

Well, I was half a page into this entry, got up to get something, came back and it was gone. Vanished. No damn idea what happened. One day I'll learn never to get significantly into something without always saving--no exceptions. Well, that sapped much of my enthusiasm for it. I was relating that at last report, I was to be headed out with the chief pilot/instructor to get cleared to venture out on my own,…Read More

Judgment, On Your Own Terms

I was going to blog Kyle Bennett's very good piece (read it all), but then Billy Beck went and beat me to it. Unfortunately, I have nothing to add that would imply greater implications than they've already done. But I'll try and sum it up. Both post are really essential for anyone to read and grasp who believes themselves to be an individualist. Bluntly, if you can't bring yourself to agree with Billy's take on…Read More

Stealing and Lying

So it's about 11:30 p.m. last night, I'm reading and studying at home when my computer suddenly barks that MS Outlook has lost its connection to Exchange Server (down at the office). I check my Internet connection at home (fine), then try to hit my desktop at work, then two of the servers via Remote Desktop (no joy), so either something's amiss on our server rack, the router has a problem, or the T1 (data)…Read More

Keys to the Kingdom

Today I completed my 3rd observed solo (1st one reported here). These solos are observed by the instructor on the tarmac and consist of three takeoffs, climb out in the pattern, and landings. It's not an FAA requirement to do three solos, just a requirement of the school. In aviation, it's not uncommon for training organizations or FBOs to have more stringent requirements for their students and customers than government regulations call for. This is…Read More

Apologists for Truth

I sure hate to see apologetic stuff like this on a libertarian blog. A court in Georgia required the removal from public school science textbooks of stickers warning that evolution is a theory to be critically examined, not a fact (see here). The sticker didn’t say evolution didn’t happen; merely that no one could be certain that it did, which is a pretty accurate claim. Now, I don't much care or get worked up about…Read More

Individualism and Consequences

The first and most fundamental step to becoming an individualist is to demand of yourself and others that they live with the consequences of their own choices in life. This is why the world has so few individualists. Anti-individualism permeates every facet of society: culture, politics, families. Only in bottom-line business do you find individualism with any degree of frequency, and even then it's rare. It's rare in small businesses and virtually non-existent in large…Read More

Celebrate Life, Not the 4th

I could quibble with items such as the authority of a Constitution and the conflating of rational defense with world policing, but on the whole, Harry Browne's 4th of July message is right on. And, so, on this day, like every day, I try to celebrate my life and what's possible in spite of every conceivable barrier standing in my way, wasting my time, my money, my life--for no other reason than to grant unearned…Read More


"Compassionate conservatism" has been a disaster for those of us who love liberty. In the first term, it brought us a new Medicare prescription drug plan, steel tariffs, farm subsidies, LBJ-era domestic spending rates, No Child Left Behind, and campaign finance reform. In the last six months, conservatives have been treated to a gargantuan federal highway bill, a federal ban on medical marijuana use, a proposal to raise Social Security taxes, an amnesty plan for…Read More