Judgment, On Your Own Terms

I was going to blog Kyle Bennett’s very good piece (read it all), but then Billy Beck went and beat me to it. Unfortunately, I have nothing to add that would imply greater implications than they’ve already done.

But I’ll try and sum it up. Both post are really essential for anyone to read and grasp who believes themselves to be an individualist. Bluntly, if you can’t bring yourself to agree with Billy’s take on this, then you may very well be a fabulous human being, one that I might generally be delighted to know, but you’re no individualist.

An individualist would never, ever, substitute another’s judgment for his own (be it an individual, or a whole great big "government"), either in condemning a person, or in deciding when, where, and under what circumstances to grant clemency.

All proper justice is rendered by individuals or organizations comprised of freely associating individuals, one single person or such organization at a time. There is no other genuine (i.e., in accord with reality) justice in existence, and there never has been. State "justice" is merely a tool of submission, and the fact that they sometimes get it "right" is merely an accident of consequence, if that.

Richard Nikoley

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