I Hate to Point This Out, But…

I'm watching a seemingly endless stream of people on Fox News thanking the Almighty for saving them from the fate of death that certainly befell hundreds of others in New Orleans and surrounding areas. I visited New Orleans for the first time just a few short months ago (May, I believe), and was staying at a place dead-center of the French Quarter. The destruction is heartbreaking. The disaster is just that, I hate to see…Read More

Hury, Hury, Hury

SkyTaxi Expands Into Northeast SkyTaxi, a company aiming to implement NASA's "Small Aircraft Transportation System" concept flying six-seat twin-engine Cessna 414s on-demand from small local airports, is expanding to serve 560 airports in the Northeast. Initial service areas are Ohio, Michigan and the high-traffic corridors through Pennsylvania linking New York and Washington, the company said last week. The Cessnas are flown by two-pilot crews from airports with at least a 3,000-foot runway, and are upgraded…Read More

Outcompeting God

By all accounts from Genesis, God is really a pretty boring guy, if not actually evil. All that power, and yet all he could muster was cold, hungry, naked savages who died at very early ages, most often by awful diseases. What an asshole! I'd have done one hell of a lot better than that. Man himself, being far more benevolent and Good, has managed to do what God couldn't or wouldn't by curing lots…Read More

Yes, But…

That's what I keep hearing in the eminent domain matter. "Yes, but the state's not taking the property, they're paying market value for it." Yea, right, tell that to Kelo and her co-plaintiffs in the New London case that went all the way to the Supremes. In addition to receiving only year 2000 market value as payment for their homes, the city will also offset that amount by 5 years of back rent they claim…Read More

False “Knowledge”

Well, the wife is off at a baby shower. God only knows why women involve themselves in such undertakings, but to each his her own values, I guess. I've been working on a technical paper involving software features for a new project, but such writing is tedious. I'm racking my brain trying to think of something a bit more interesting to write about. Call it taking a break. What do you suppose is the absolute…Read More

At a Loss for Words

Like Kyle, I seriously thought I was reading parody, some new upstart stepping up to go toe to toe with The Onion. For example, I particularly enjoyed their report on how Evangelicals have set about to have Intelligent Falling Theory taught side-by-side with classical gravitation theory in schools. So, tell me that if you had seen this UK Times article under the banner of The Onion, that you'd have suspect for a second that it's…Read More

Non-Sequitur Heaven

Once upon a time, Nice Guy decided to buy a new hang-glider from a German designer and manufacturer, and at the time, it was the best hang-glider in the whole wide world. But Nice Guy didn't follow the proper and prudent shipping procedures, and the beautiful wing was severely damaged in shipment. And so the story goes. But it doesn't end there. It turns out that Nice Guy was really the poor victim of the…Read More

Flying By Hand (Video)

We returned earlier this week from Hat Creek Rim, an annual camping and flying trip near Mt. Lassen, in California. Something like a hundred thousand years ago, give or take, the volcano erupted and the massive belching of lava from the cinder cones in the area caused part of the valley floor to collapse about 1,000 feet, leaving a rim. The volcanic rock fields absorb tremendous heat during the hot summer days, and in the…Read More

Your Life is Negotiable

Regarding the goings on in Israel, specifically the Gaza Strip, there is really only one thing to take from the whole nasty mess. You can go all the way back to the Bible, then forward all the way to the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and beyond -- to the establishment of the modern State of Israel in 1948 -- and I'll be damned if anyone can make a solid case for the state of Israel…Read More

Now Hear This

Regarding Cindy Sheehan: Her refusal to acknowledge her son's moral authority is contemptible, and borders insanity. In how many major media sources did you hear that identification even remotely alluded to? You didn't, anywhere. Care to entertain why?Read More

Aspiring to Victimhood

I was having dinner out on the back terrace of a neat little place last evening with a group of folks (of the left, politically) when I broached the subject of victimhood. Here's how it went down. One person, who works in the HR department of a large company, mentioned that someone had filed a sexual harassment report that day against a guy. Something about jokes about cucumbers being used in unnatural ways. I couldn't…Read More

Making Distinctions

To answer every observation of the mitigation of state evil, every instance of a good produced by the state, whether intentional or accidental, with another cry from the mountaintops of "the state is evil" is a failure to make a vitally important moral distinction. That failure leaves one blind to where evil's power comes from, what is controlling that power, and how it is controlled. Kyle Bennett posts a thought-provoking piece, worthy of consideration, in…Read More

Marseilles, Tunisia

I've already posted today about experiences in France in the early 90s, so this is pushing it. But I note: even then, I noticed great trepidation building among the French regarding the numbers of Muslim North Africans (Tunisians, Algerians, Moroccans) immigrating to the south of France. There was an area in Toulon, where I lived, that you would swear was an an enclave of Tunis. Marseilles? Forget it; hugely Tunisian and Algerian. On a very…Read More

The New “Libertarian”

So, now, being a "Neo-Libertarian" involves drawing distinctions between organized labor, the state, and free enterprise solely on the basis of power? Power corrupts, no matter who gets it. Give power to gentle, meek, God-fearing Churchmen, and the next thing you know, they're burning lonely old ladies at the stake for talking to their cats. Give power to corporations, and before you know, they're dumping gallium arsenide in open pits that soak into ground water,…Read More

Being Superior

I used to have a great time living in France in the early 90s. The French are pretty much like people everywhere: lots of good ones, a few bad ones. Et, Il aide certainement à parler la langue bien. And of course they believe themselves superior to everyone else. Is that not a pretty normal human trait? So is honesty, when you expect it of people. I recall attending a dinner party during the initial…Read More

Che Guevara, Murderer

Turns out the the "World's Greatest T-Shirt Salesman" is a murderer -- though anyone who puts historical fact ahead of "chic" already knew that. This, from an email from The Independent Institute: Ernesto "Che" Guevara (1928-1967), the Argentina-born revolutionary who helped Castro come to power in Cuba, has long been lionized by the hard left. Guevara's posthumous popularity has accelerated in recent years -- especially since the 2004 release of "The Motorcycle Diaries," a feature…Read More

Reform or Eradicate?

Those who believe the former simply have their heads far, far up their asses. That is to say, they neither have the slightest clue as to what the hell they're talking about, nor do they source information by others who know what the hell they are talking about. No, the pundits, often dumb themselves, but more often shrewd, serve up bromides, slogans and talking points tailor-made for a mass of know-nothings and dimwits. And so…Read More

Death to Crickets

That's right. All of them. Every last one! Living here in the South Bay Area of California with its 300+ days of nice weather, I've never had a pressing need to have central air conditioning installed. So, for the few weeks it's hot at night, we open windows and fire up the ceiling fans throughout the house. Can't remember ever before in my life being bothered by crickets. Usually, it's kind of that reverberating hummmm…Read More