The New “Libertarian”

So, now, being a "Neo-Libertarian" involves drawing distinctions between organized labor, the state, and free enterprise solely on the basis of power?

Power corrupts, no matter who gets it. Give power to gentle, meek,
God-fearing Churchmen, and the next thing you know, they’re burning
lonely old ladies at the stake for talking to their cats. Give power to
corporations, and before you know, they’re dumping gallium arsenide in
open pits that soak into ground water, because it’s cheaper than having
the stuff hauled away to be disposed of properly, and then Lake Erie
catches fire. Give it to unions, and in short order, high school
dropouts will be slicing luncheon meats for $60 an hour, with options
to put unlimited cocaine and hookers on their corporate expense
accounts, and a head of lettuce will cost $15. Aggregations of power
are bad.

Huh. Glad I distanced myself and this blog from the outset.

Look, kids, there’s one reason and one reason only for the decline in union membership to 1900 levels of 8% of the private-sector workforce: they are generally unnecessary. That is, potential members don’t see the benefit as against the cost. It’s the market in action. Dale Franks, as the author of a book on economics, ought to be one of the first to recognize that.

Richard Nikoley

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