Hey, I’d like to give a plug to someone who has just provided me very excellent service.

A very frequent commenter to this blog, Kyle Bennett, also runs an eBay store with Sally, his significant other. In fact, I met them both and they sprang for a nice dinner a few months ago here in San Jose when they were in town for the eBay conference.

I’d mentioned to Kyle and Sally that I had some PDA/phone units that I’d like to sell. Well, he kept bugging me to send them, so I finally just had my IT manager get in touch and so on. He had already tried to sell some of the items on eBay with no luck at all. Anyway, out of the nine items we sent, eight have sold for a total of nearly $1,000. The last item (Siemens SX66 Phone PDA) should sell soon. We had two of them, and the other one sold for $365.

Not bad at all. I think the idea of eBay is great; it’s just that I have no patience for it. I’ve only purchased one thing (our first enterprise-level server for the company), and I got it with the "Buy it Now" option. That was almost four years ago, I got a good deal, and that server is still running strong, along with four other servers.

My wife and I are selling our house and moving to a much smaller condo. We’re going to have an estate sale to get rid of what we can. Everything else will be boxed up and sent to Kyle and Sally.

So, go have a look at GOing1once, and if you have antyhing lying around that you think might sell, contact them.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Sally on September 27, 2005 at 11:10

    Honest – the dinner in San Jose wasn't a bribe to Richard, nor did we solicit or pay for his plug! I love doing the eBay thing (selling on consignment & teaching classes) and will answer your questions about it even if you have nothing for us to sell!
    Thanks, Richard!!!

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