Everybody’s An “Expert”

It's amazing to me how many people have become disaster preparedness and response "experts" over the past week. Katrina illustrates a lot of things, but there's two that bear mention right now. Building a city several feet below sea level, right next to the sea, is pure folly. It's double folly when the system of levies are insufficient to hold back the waters in a major storm. As I've been saying: governments are not omnipotent,…Read More

No Santa Claus After All

My greatest frustration in life is having to deal endlessly with endless numbers of people who go through life harboring fantasies of all sorts. It's frustrating, in part, because in many ways I have a hard time faulting people too much. It would be fine if I could just dismiss virtually everyone with a look of contempt and some abrupt utterance. But I can't, because we're all taught from day one to believe in falsehoods…Read More

On Values

Oh I get tired of people who literally cannot think past basic facts and the simple logic 101 that connects them. Observe, from the comments here: The governemnt has failed miserably and that is a fact. It is based on economics and race as much as anything. Exerting energy to bring in machinary for a photo-p in front of the levees when the nergy exerted fro such could have maybe saved a few lives is…Read More

The Response

Of course it's inadequate. What did anyone expect? Oh, I know: the "government" this and the "government" that. Isn't it always about what the State is going to do, is not going to do; is going stop, start, "invest" in, or conduct a "war" upon? But it really brings the matter to bear, though, when the State, any State, is incapable of adequate response. The lesson to be learned here is a simple one. Human…Read More


So, when is somebody going to ask the question? It's been difficult to not notice that the vast majority of those stranded and destitute in New Orleans are blacks. And though whites are looting too, I've not seen many in all of the video clips over these last few days. Two nights ago, MSNBC showed closeup looting of a Wal-Mart while two armed and uniformed New Orleans police officers (black females) were not only allowing…Read More