Moral High Ground

Here’s a story that just about everyone in the world will tell you is "tragic." There is an element of tragedy, of course, but there’s not a bit of moral authority to it.

A party before the University of Central Florida football home opener
turned deadly Saturday when an Orlando police officer shot and killed
an undercover university police officer working with state agents to
stop illegal drinking.

You’ll need to read the whole story to really get what I’m getting at. And you might check this out as well, particularly the open letter from the university president.

Now, tell me where it is in that news story or the open letter that addresses what might happen to you if you pull a gun on people who aren’t harming anyone and who are minding their own business — before you came along, that is. In fact, what should you think and what action should you take in such circumstances?

These were college kids; drinking, just like virtually all college kids do. Business as usual. Rite of passage. Someone comes up and pulls a gun on you. And, no, I’m not going to make meaningless distinctions between uniformed or plain clothes. If someone pulls a gun on you for suspected "under-age" drinking, then they’re not only fucking nuts, but they’re a grave danger and risk to you and you have no basis whatsoever to believe that any subsequent actions on their part will be responsible and rational.

The fact is: the late officer, Mario Jenkins, has no moral high ground to stand on. Did he deserve to die? Perhaps not, at least not in the sense that he intended mortal harm to anyone. He at least deserved to be stripped of all responsibilities that place a loaded weapon in his hands in the name of the "public," and he deserved to be beaten to a bloody pulp for pulling a gun on a bunch of drinking college kids. What he does not deserve is any sort of moral sanction for his behavior.

I am gratified about one aspect, though. In this insane War on America, conducted by the jackbooted thugs that has made its way even to the college campus security force by now, it’s usually the innocent that get victimized, such as with the frequent breaking down the door and storm trooping the "wrong house" at 4 a.m. In this case, at least, if someone has to die, I’m sure a lot happier to see it be the aggressors, and by that, I mean: the cops.

Now, I can see the idiot comments and emails already:

<weeny voice> "but he didn’t pull the gun until they resisted." </weeny voice>

Maybe; maybe not. Irrelevant, either way. See here. And, oh, by the way, it’s not like this sort of thing is an isolated case. Guess in which totalitarian military police state this little soirée took place, and when you watch the video, do take note of the sounds of helicopters during this full military assault on partying kids.

I know that people think I probably take some pleasure in this. I only take pleasure in the fact that I’m able, in some small way, to expose such utter and contemptible evil. America is a great country, with lots of opportunity still. In fact, 95% of my time is spent doing positive things that improve my life and the lives of those I love; and it’s spent in pursuit of the things I love. I’m not going to let any of this get in my way, as long as I can help it. At the same time, people need to know.

The institutions — and the people who run them — that are upheld as the core of American goodness and trustworthiness are rotten to the core. You see, the thing is, everyone who can really positively benefit themselves and the ones they love is already doing so, and either earning a good living at it, or getting rich at it. Those who can’t, or won’t, or who hate those who do and those who are, are the sociopaths increasingly populating the institutions that make life and death decisions concerning our futures.

(tip off: Joshua Holmes)

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Rich on September 27, 2005 at 14:13

    But until the whole story comes out, I don't think anyone can pass judgment.


    All you need to know is that those kids were not hurting or threatening to hurt anyone. That is the only moral standard applicable, here.

    Everything that happened thereafter was an unjustified aggression initiated by the "officials."

    There is a cause, here, just like in everything. The newspapers, the police, and the college will twist facts and logic to try and convince people that the cause is "under-age" drinking. But, it's not. The cause is the immoral initiation of force by the undercover cop. That initiation began at the point this cop intervened. Everything the students did at that point was defense against unwarranted and immoral aggression.

    And all bets were off.

    I don't rejoice in the outcome, but given any deaths as a result, I'm sure glad it was the aggressors and not their victims.

  2. Kyle Bennett on September 27, 2005 at 19:48

    He was shot because the on-duty officer saw him as just a thug shooting a gun around

    20/20 vision – even if that poor officer comes to disbelieve his own eyes.

  3. patd95 on September 27, 2005 at 13:57

    There was no reason why the off-duty policeman had to fire his weapon in the air. Period. Why he was shot by an on-duty policeman is the issue….'Drop your weapon or I'll fire' "I'm an off-duty cop trying to serve tickets to college kids" Now the investigation centers on the testimony of drinking college kids. From the reports of the kids in the area, I don't think they can find anyone who saw anything that was not drinking. Sad. But until the whole story comes out, I don't think anyone can pass judgement.

  4. Cecil H. Herline III on September 27, 2005 at 19:20

    Why he was shot by an on-duty policeman is the issue.

    He was shot because the on-duty officer saw him as just a thug shooting a gun around — he was undercover. That alone should make you think about what moral differences exist between a cop and a non-cop. What, in terms of principle, would have changed if Jenkins had been in uniform that day?

  5. cooper on September 27, 2005 at 18:34

    Total insanity and I agree a hundred percent.
    It may be the cause in a police stae but we are not that yet. Or maybe Florida is I don't know.

    vai BE

  6. Rich on September 28, 2005 at 08:52

    What, in terms of principle, would have changed if Jenkins had been in uniform that day?

    No a thing. It makes no difference whether he was a cop, was not a cop, was in uniform or not in uniform.

    The issue is the initiation of agression that took place against the kids who were drinking. Had everyone minded their own business, no one would have been hurt.

    Nobody had any moral authority to interfere with those kids so longs as they weren't huirting anyone, and there's no suggestion that they were.

  7. Rich on January 19, 2006 at 08:34


    I'm really sorry, but you are obviously such a woefully stupid cunt that there is no point whatsoever in addressing any of your obscene inanities.

    I suggest you get back on your meds at once.

  8. Gladys on January 19, 2006 at 06:13

    That all sounds great except that not you or anyone who posted comments under your post knows what happened prior to the gun being pulled. This officer had been an officer for how long now on a college campus… and you don't think being aroud drunk teenagers was normal for him? You don't think something different happened? And do you seriously think of underage drinking as just par for the course? Do you consider all of the deaths related to drunk driving and underage drinking par for the course, too? Do you suppose this officer who regularly interacted with fraternities and sororities wasn't accustomed to dealing with drunk college kids without having to pull and fire a gun!? Do you suppose that if you reasonably confronted a group of drunk kids and they suddenly surrounded you and started throwing bottles at you, and you were part of a class of people so vehemently despised such as "the government" is to people like you, and you had a gun on yourself for protection, you would just smile and turn your face toward the bottles?

    Well, we'll never know how he really approached them and we'll never know what really preceded this officer feeling in such danger that he pulle a gun on kids at a football game, because the only person there that was sober enough to tell us what caused it is dead now.

    2 points for the drunks.

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