Cory Maye

I filed this under "Justice." Seems that whenever I post on the topic of justice, it’s to catalog some enormous injustice, so perhaps I ought to rename the category.

At any rate, Cory Maye was the victim of one of those late night military raids by "police" playing G.I. Joe. You know, the kind with little to no genuine self-esteem; the kind that needs to brutalize others in order to make themselves feel important and worthy. Yea, it was the wrong place, again. This time, however, things went the other way. Mr. Maye heroically met his moral obligation to protect himself and his sleeping daughter, and luckily enough, it was one of the "protect-and-serve" guys that got killed (yes, I’m blood-lust glad for that fact; regretful only that I’m not presently disposed to go piss on his grave). Turns out it was the police chief’s son. Double-plus good. Thrilled for his loss.

So, no real surprise, now, that Mr. Maye, a black man in small-town Mississippi, having been convicted by an all-white jury, now sits on death row.

Here’s links to the whole story: Radley Balko, who has taken this on as a bit of a cause and has been investigation and posting updates; Billy Beck; FMNN.

How many cops sit on death row–or even in prison for that matter–for the times when the truly innocent guy gets killed in one of these insane, late-night raids on the wrong house? You know the answer. Do you know the implications?

How long will you live in your "land-of-the-free" fantasy?

UPDATE: See here for a roundup and clarification on some initial allegations that have turned out to be false.

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