The Power of Myth

Reason's Matt Welch, in a very interesting article, essentially explains why the state will never die, although I'm not altogether certain that's what he meant to convey by his article. The state, like religion, never dies. It just changes from one form to another. The essential characteristics for belief in both, however, remain resoundingly the same: "can't live without them." Never mind that religious crusades of one form or another--state or church sponsored--and state conquests--whether secular or religious--have been responsible for more murders than all other forms of death combined, save for natural causes. We are talking in the many hundreds of millions. Now, contrast that with science, agriculture, and industry. Contrast that with arguably the greatest savior of mankind in all of human history (odds are that you have never in your life heard his name; and that should tell you just about all you need to know about the current state of human culture: from top to bottom and wall to wall). But instead, we moronically reject what is right in front of our eyes, choosing instead to believe and trust that "Jesus is coming again," and/or that "The President will save us." Of course, all will be...

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Richard Nikoley

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