The Things We Learn From Others

One of the greatest things about running a company with employees is that I have such opportunities to learn. I believe I've always been successful in leadership roles, going back to my days in the Navy, principally because I'm always interested in learning. I learn things all the time. Sometimes it's a principle, sometimes a rule, and sometimes just an operational fact; but it all ties in. I just said to someone in an email: This is why sensory perception and reason are primary, which is to say, they supersede and overrule faith. Otherwise, you would obviously be dead. Since sensory perception and reason overrule faith anyway, I have absolutely no need of it. Every exercise of it is a detriment to happiness and success in my life. I loath the human propensity to exercise faith, which I firmly believe is rooted in nothing more than abject laziness. It is one of our greatest vices as human beings. It's anti human-life. Straight from the devil, if you ask me. Let me ask you this: if you have faith, what need do you have of learning anything from anyone? How can it possibly matter? What it is tied to; grounded in?...

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Richard Nikoley

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